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Specialized Roubaix Bike




  If you haven’t looked at a bicycle lately, either at one of your local bike shops or the one your neighbor rides by on, you might take a closer look next time.  The idea of having two wheels is the same, but every thing else has changed.  Did you know they had 10-speed bikes out now?  Not counting all the gears… just in the back! 


  One of the companies pushing the envelope on bike design is Specialized.  Thirty years ago founder Mike Sinyard sold his old VW bus, packed his bike, and went riding across Europe.  He discovered the joy and passion Europeans brought to cycling.  He also started importing some of the high quality products from Europe that were not available here.  His business transformed to one of the leading bicycle and equipment manufactures today. 


  The Specialized Roubaix is one of the bikes that can best show Specialized same commitment today as it was in 1974: focus on the need for functional and technically advanced products that provide a performance benefit to the rider.


  Named after one of the most grueling one day races in the world, Paris-Roubaix, the Roubaix is a bike that is built to be ridden on some of the toughest roads in the world, but works equally well on roads around central Illinois.  Now you no longer have to choose between riding with the fast group, and riding long distances in comfort.  The Roubaix simultaneously combines high performance and advanced ergonomics to make a fast, comfortable bike. 


  The geometry has been specifically designed for the Roubaix line of bikes.  The endurance geometry offers an improved collection of handling traits that improve rider comfort and decrease fatigue, all without compromise to speed, efficiency, or aerodynamics.  Compared to a standard racing bike the Roubaix has a longer wheelbase, which makes the ride of the bike more comfortable and a taller head tube, which puts the rider in a more comfortable position. 


  The use of carbon fiber to make bicycles has been around for a while, but now more than ever the technology is better and the price is much more affordable.  Carbon bikes ride similar to steel, which has a great ride feel, but weighs in some cases two to three pounds less.  That may not sound like a lot, but when a complete Roubaix weighs in the neighborhood of 18 pounds, it’s a huge difference. 


  The Roubaix Elite takes carbon to a new level.  Specialized has incorporated clear elastomeric inserts, which they call Zertz, into the frame, fork, seatpost and even handlebars.  Other than looking pretty cool, the Zertz inserts help minimize vibrations transmitted to the rider. 


  The look of the Roubaix Elite is visually stunning.  The flowing lines of carbon fiber and the blue tint to the frame, but still showing the carbon weave is beautiful.  The silver contrast of the wheels and bar tape adds to the package even more.  I’ve always said that you shouldn’t by a bike because of the color, but this one has everything going for it, the color is just the icing on the cake. 


  I know you are wondering where you can see and maybe even ride one of these bikes.  You’re in luck because Spin City Cycles has some in stock.  You might even see some of our employees, Tim Perry or Mike Koprek out riding theirs on the west end bike path.  Call 429-SPIN or check out the website for more information.