September 9, 2004

Harristown Time Trial - September 9, 2004
Rider Time Avg Spd
Schroetlin 0:27:42 26.86
May, Kyle 0:29:26 25.28
McRae 0:30:04 24.75
Clary, B 0:30:18 24.55
Clary, D 0:31:45 23.43
Sweet 0:32:13 23.09
Courson 0:32:56 22.59
VanArsdale 0:33:49 22.00
Burger 0:33:51 21.98
Peer 0:34:39 21.47
Flaugher 0:34:50 21.36
May, Earl 0:35:35 20.91
Maas 0:42:54 17.34

It's over.  The final Thursday Night Time Trial of the season was last week.  The conditions were near perfect, and the fast men showed up for one last shot at the Harristown course.  I'd like to thank everyone for supporting the series.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed putting it on.  It turned out better than I had hoped for.  I looked forward to Thursday's all season long.  I improved my time trialing, and I saw a much improvement in everyone that consistently rode.  It was also gratifying to have some of the area's strongest riders and triathletes consistently make the trip from out of town to join us - Bob & Dave Clary from Bloomington, Chris Sweet from Bloomington, Trudy & CJ from Champaign, Ben Peotter, occasional Decatur resident from Madison, WI; not to mention our regulars, Chad Pond from Clinton, Bill Burger from Mattoon and Anna Stadler from Sullivan.  I think the highlight of the series for me was the Burger-Van Arsdale feud.  And, after an entire season, two seconds separated them on the last night.  The perfect ending.  Schroetlin turned in the fastest ride with a 27:42 @ 26.86mph.  We had a plethora of raffle prizes this past Thursday.  Spin City and Bill Burger donated prizes; and Tom Anderson's wife was kind enough to provide two expertly crafted homemade scarfs.  Dave Clary, Schroetlin, both May's and Burger were all raffle winners.  Some stats from the year:
  • We had 59 different riders participate during the year, 48 male, 11 female
  • The TT was cancelled once due to weather, but we had a makeup the next night.  However, the 2nd week only Eric Harris & Chad Pond showed up as it was 50 degrees and pouring rain.
  • Our largest single turnout was 26 on July 8th
  • The average attendance was 15 riders/week over 22 weeks
  • Schroetlin's average speed for the entire season was 27.2mph
And the most important stats of all, details from the Burger-Van Arsdale feud:
  • They raced head to head 15 times over 440 kilometers
  • Burger finished first 6 times, Van Arsdale 9 times
  • Burger's total time was 12 hrs 34 min 22 sec
  • Van Arsdale's total time was 12 hrs 31 min 42 sec
  • That's right, 2 minutes 40 seconds separated them over 273 miles of racing
  • Burger's average speed was 21.70mph, Van Arsdale's was 21.77mph
They don't like each other, but you'll be glad to know that after the last TT they had a beverage together at LSB and at least came to an agreement on politics, religion and thin ankles.  See you next year.