September 7th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - September 7, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:26:25 28.16
Eric Harris 0:28:39 25.97
Eric McRae 0:29:14 25.45
Dave Loyd 0:30:32 24.37
Frank Brummer 0:30:41 24.25
Bill Burger 0:31:10 23.87
Kim Genenbacher 0:31:28 23.64
Chuck VanArsdale 0:31:30 23.62
Mark Jones 0:31:42 23.47
Greg Keitel 0:32:11 23.12
John Flick 0:33:03 22.51
Tom Anderson 0:33:28 22.23
Chris White 0:35:05 21.21
Richard Berard 0:35:26 21.00
Jay Mayberry 0:36:30 20.38
Arthur Gross 0:37:12 20.00


  We're raising the entry fee for next week to pay for my legal defense fund.  I guess a local resident didn't appreciate a bunch of lycra-wearin' weirdo's on bicycles rolling through the 4-way stop and called the sheriff.  I spoke with a deputy after the ride as he was on his way to go talk to the guy.  The deputy didn't seem too uptight about the whole thing because I think he had better things to do.  However, be careful at the stop sign and the turn around, and yield to cars if you need to.  They don't realize this is the Wednesday Night World Championships. 

  We lengthened last week's course by about 2 K's, and although there were complaints that it's now too long, the times were still very fast and 20K PR's were established yet again.  Jeff Schroetlin, coming off his win in Monday's Gateway Cup U-City Crit, rode to a 26:25@28.16mph.  Kim Genenbacher continues to raise the bar for our women competitors with a 31:28@23.64mph.  The Effingham area seems to have a plethora of fast riders and we were joined again by Frank Brummer and first-timer Greg Keitel.  Bill "I'll do anything to beat Chuck" Burger bought, I mean rode to a PR with a 31:10@23.87mph.  Our timer was the lovely, but wicked, Sara Hayes, assisted by the Kyle May and P-Dawwwg Shils.  By the way, I hear P-Dawwwg is dropping the "P" from his name so as not to confuse his fans.  I guess now we call him hyphen Dawwwg.  Raffle prizes were donated by TT supporter, Decatur Athletic Club.  It's that time of year to start thinking about getting back into the gym.  Call 423-7020 or visit  Or just talk with DAC trainer, Kim Genenbacher.  Our raffle winners were Eric Harris, Tom Anderson, Kim Genenbacher and Jeff Schroetlin.  Thanks for supporting the TT series.