September 5, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
September 5, 2007

NameTime MPH 
Kyle May0:29:1325.47 
Eric Harris0:29:2425.31 
Thilo Fiedler0:29:5124.92PR
Chris Sprock0:30:2824.42 
Mark Jones0:30:5424.08 
Ben Akins0:32:0323.21PR
Tom Anderson0:33:0422.50 
Andrew Young0:33:2922.22 
Bill Burger0:33:3222.19 
John Flick0:34:0621.82 
Mike Doyle0:34:3021.57 
Brian Wright0:34:3021.57 
Bill Weiss0:36:4020.29 
Chris Oakley0:39:1418.96 

Quick review of last night’s TT. It was a little too windy to go really fast, but 2 people garnered PR’s nevertheless. Kyle May was the fastest rider with a time of 29:13 @ 25.47mph. Thilo Fiedler joined the Sub-30 Club with a PR ride of 29:51 @ 24.92mph, and Ben Akins grabbed a PR with a time of 32:03 @ 23.21mph. Chris Oakley made a debut ride last night with a solid time of 39:14 @ 18.96mph. 

There will be four DTTS riders in Ironman Wisconsin this Sunday, Beth McClure, Chris Daniels, Andy Sweet, and Chris Sweet. You can check their progress at Good luck folks!

Thanks to our timers Sharron and Richard Berard, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series. Results attached.