September 28th 2005

Sept 28th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - September 28, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:26:23 28.20
Eric Harris 0:29:09 25.52
Eric McRae 0:30:16 24.58
Bill Burger 0:33:53 21.96
Chuck Van Arsdale 0:35:32 20.94
Tom Anderson 0:37:23 19.90
Stacey Conrad 0:38:26 19.36
Scott Broyles 0:38:31 19.32

  It's over.  Finished.  History.  The 2005 TT Series has come to an end, and what a night to end on.  Eight riders endured the tough conditions and the times were actually pretty fast.  The worst part was the ride out to the start.  After that it hurt just like any other time trial, just a little soggier.  The regulars were joined by two brave newbie's who both rode very well their first time on the course.  Triathlete Stacey Conrad (of the famed Stacey Conrad Memorial Night Ride) and Scott Boyles picked the worst night we've ever had to try the TT.  Schroetlin rode a 26:23@28.20mph and Eric Harris was comfortably sub-30 with a 29:09@25.52mph.  Earl May and Melinda Peterson came out and stood in the rain to time us.  I think they were just as soaked as the rest of us when it was over.
  The highlight of the evening was no doubt the awards ceremony at LSB.  Everyone won several raffle prizes, including an entry to the 2006 Effingham May Madness Triathlon won by Stacey.  And once again Tom Anderson's lovely wife knitted a couple of scarf's for our year-end raffle.  Attendance awards were given to Bill Burger and Eric Harris who each rode 21 of 24 TT's this year.  And these guys both live out of town, Burger in Mattoon; that's a 100 mile round trip.  This year we had 72 different riders and averaged 21 riders/week.  The largest field was 32 on June 29th and the smallest was 8 last night and on a rainy June 8th.  We ended up with 4 riders in the Sub-60 Club, 8 in the Sub-30 Club, 3 in the Sub-33 Club and 1 in the Sub-66 Club.  Attached is a list of the course records and club members.  The fall/winter group rides are in full swing now.  We'll ride every weekend all winter long.  There's a ride this Sunday at 10:00 from my house.  If you want to get faster, you'll want to go on these rides.  Stop by Spin City toward the end of each week and someone will know the ride schedule.  Thanks for supporting the TT Series.