September 27, 2006

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial - September 27, 2006
Eric McRae0:29:0825.54
Eric Harris0:29:4125.06
Frank Brummer0:29:5824.83
Josh Kercheval0:30:2224.50
Mark Jones0:31:2223.72
Mike Peer0:31:2823.64
Chad Hiatt0:31:3423.57
Nick Brummer0:31:5623.30
Greg Perry0:32:4522.72
Bill Burger0:32:5822.57
Tim Leachman0:33:2322.29
Phil Shils0:33:2522.26
Earl May0:33:3322.18
Tom Anderson0:34:5421.32
Scott Broyles0:35:0821.18
Dennis Martin0:35:2621.00
Syd McRae0:36:3720.32
Richard Berard0:37:1919.94
Bill Weiss0:37:5319.64
Ron Whiteno time 


We had a nice turnout for the 2006 TT finale, with 20 riders coming out to the Homestead. A little too windy for any super fast runs, but still nice and cool. There was some confusion on a few times last night, as many riders were coming in at the same time, and it was rapidly getting dark. I think I have it straightened out, but rithmatic wasn't my best subjeckt. The McRae's took top honors in their respective gender classes, Eric with a 29:08 @ 25.54mph, and Syd with a lonely 37:19 @ 20.32mph. I was able to go sub-30 on my road bike, after failing at the attempt last year, and ran a 29:41 @ 25.06mph. Frank Brummer and the T-Town crew showed up for a run on the fast course last night, and Frank wound up going sub-30 as well, with a 29:58 @ 24.83mph. Josh Kercheval made it out last night, and ran a very nice 30:22 @ 24.50mph. Josh had some health issues for most of the summer, and is just now getting his fitness up to the level that he expects. We saw great debut rides from Chad Hiatt and Tim Leachman, who ran times of 31:34 @ 23.57mph and 33:23 @ 22.29mph respectively. Raffle winners were P-Dawg, Scott Browles and Earl May. Eric McRae was the winner of the Attendance Prize for making it out to 24 of the 25 TT's that we held this year. He was awarded a set of Specialized road tires made of solid gold.
Well, that's it for 2006. Thanks go out to our timers, Helene, Melinda, Perry, and everyone else who helped with the timing this year. Thanks to Abraham Linclon for having the foresite to pick such a great site for time trialing. Thanks to everyone who came out to ride the 500+ runs we had this season. There were a lot of great rides, and many, many PR's. And I'm very thankful that we were able to have another season without any serious accidents/injuries. Thanks for supporting the TT series, and we'll see you April 11th, 2007.