September 26, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
September 26, 2007

Kyle May0:27:5226.70
Jeff Schroetlin0:28:0026.57
Eric Harris0:28:2526.18
Robert Brokaw0:28:3226.07
Nick Brummer0:28:4725.85
Chris Daniels0:29:3125.21
Mark Jones0:29:5224.91
Geno Warlow0:30:0624.72
Mike Hannah0:31:3923.51
Tom Anderson0:32:1123.12
John Flick0:32:5322.63
Bill Burger0:32:5822.57
Mike Doyle0:33:0422.50
Brian Wright0:33:5121.98
Earl May 0:34:0021.88
Bill Weiss0:34:3021.57
Richard Berard0:36:0520.62
Dan Loban0:36:0920.58
Natalie Piscia0:36:4520.24
Diane Grubb0:37:3919.76
Sean MarlingDNFFLAT

Hey folks. We had a beautiful, calm and cool night for our final TT of the season, and a great turnout of 21 riders layed down some quick times. Kyle May was the fastest of the night with a time of 27:52 @ 26.70mph. Robert Brokaw from Rochester made his DTTS debut with a smoking 28:32 @ 26.07mph. Robert becomes the 15th rider to go Sub-30 this year. Geno Warlow and Mike Hannah came down from Bloomington to have a go on the Decatur course, and Geno came within 6 seconds of a Sub-30 shirt with a 30:06 @ 24.72. The amazing thing about Geno’s ride was that it was on a fixed gear single speed. Extremely aero and fast, but a fixie nonetheless. Great job Geno, and you now hold the DTTS fixed gear record! That one’s probably safe for a while. Dan Loban made his DTTS debut with a time of 36:09 @ 20.58mph. Natalie Piscia debuted with the fastest ladies time of 36:45 @ 20.24mph. Sean Marling brought his fixie out as well, but flatted in almost the same place as Burger did last week. ? If there were any more TT’s this year, a full investigation would be conducted, but we’re done for ‘07 so……………….Raffle winner was Mike Hannah, who won a set of Michelin tires. 

Here is a list of Sub Club members for the year. I will be sending out a list of records and best times as well in the coming days:

Sub 60 Club
Jeff Schroetlin
Kyle May
Eric Harris
Chris Daniels
Jonathan Young

Sub 30 Club
Jeff Schroetlin
Kyle May
Eric Harris
Robert Brokaw
Nick Brummer
Chris Daniels
Andy Sweet
Chris Sprock
Frank Brummer
Eric McRae
Mark Jones
Sean Marling
Jonathan Young
Josh Kercheval
Thilo Fiedler

Sub 33 Club (Senior)
Tom Anderson
John Flick
Earl May
Bill Burger

I’m thankful that we had another safe year of time trialing at the Homestead. And I know that we all appreciate the work that the timers do, coming out to time us as we sail by in our funny little outfits, on our funny little bikes. Thanks Helene, Melinda, Sharron, and everyone else who helped time this year. Mark your calendars for April, 9 2008!