September 21st 2005

Sept 21st 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - September 21, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:28:24 26.20
Ron Gillen 0:30:01 24.79
Eric Harris 0:30:11 24.65
Duffy Smith 0:30:11 24.65
Tom Griffith 0:31:01 23.99
Eric McRae 0:31:42 23.47
Bill Burger 0:31:45 23.43
Jenna Schroetlin 0:31:55 23.31
Phil Shils 0:32:14 23.08
Travis Chance 0:32:19 23.02
Chuck Van Arsdale 0:32:26 22.94
Anna Stadler 0:33:12 22.41
John Flick 0:33:39 22.11
Tom Anderson 0:33:42 22.08
Ron Heitz 0:34:27 21.60
Earl May 0:34:49 21.37
Richard Berard 0:36:42 20.27
Arthur Gross 0:38:19 19.42

  Not quite as fast as last week, but two new records were established last night.  Eighteen riders came out last night for what could be the last dry TT of 2005 depending on what hurricane Rita does for our weather next week.  We also had a wonderful officiating crew as Ms. Peterson, Mrs. Flick and Mrs. Berard took control of the situation and kept us all in line.  Thank you ladies.  And watch Kyle's website because Soo Harris was shooting pics and will send a disc soon. 
  Kyle May led home the field with a 28:24@26.20mph.  Ron Gillen just missed membership in the Sub 30 Club by one second and Eric Harris rode a 30:11 on a road bike.  The newly established records went to Jenna Schroetlin and yours truly.  Jenna (age 5) pushed her dad to a 31:55@23.31mph on the front of her trail-a-bike.  On the way back in I saw him coasting while she was out of the saddle.  And the new record for a fixed gear is 31:42.  The gear was a 48x17 and the turn around was interesting. 
Our raffle winners were Burger, Harris and Anderson.  But the big prize winner was me.  Thanks to everyone for the very nice gifts.  Aw shucks, you shouldn't have.  Promoting the TT series has been a great experience over the past two years.  We've seen some incredible rides, several course changes and we have a few funny stories.  I originally started the series just because I wanted improve my time trialing.  It turned into something better than I had imagined due to the great support from the local riding community.  It's been rewarding to see new riders come into the sport and improve just as I've enjoyed watching the fast guys light it up every week.  It's also been a pleasure welcoming our out-of-town guests who always lift the average speed.  Next week will be my final TT as promoter.  I'm sure the series will improve and grow under new management.  Next week we'll have some extra raffle prizes so come on out rain or shine.  We'll ride as long as there's no lightning.  Thanks for everything, and thanks for supporting the TT series.