September 20, 2006

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial - September 20, 2006
NameTime MPH 
Kyle May0:27:3626.96PR
Eric Harris0:28:1426.35 
Eric McRae0:28:4925.82 
Mark Jones0:30:4124.25 
Greg Lawhead0:31:1823.77 
Duffy Smith0:32:1123.12 
Earl May0:32:2023.01PR
Bill Burger0:32:3822.80 
Phil Shils0:32:5322.63 
Tom Anderson0:33:2422.28 
Kristin White0:33:2722.24 
John Flick0:33:5021.99 
Chris White0:34:1021.78 
Beth McClure0:34:5621.30 
Syd McRae0:34:5621.30 
Jessica Aveyard0:34:5621.30PR
Brian Wright0:35:1721.09 
Dennis Martin0:35:2621.00 
Clay Sayers0:35:3620.90 
Richard Berard0:35:5520.72 
Bill Weiss0:37:2319.90PR
Larry Livingston0:37:2419.89 
Diane Grubb0:37:3119.83 
Justin Eichenhauer0:39:1218.98 
We had 24 riders show up last night, and it was great to see so many people coming out this late in the year. Conditions were almost as good as last week, and a few more PRs were set. Kyle May tied his personal best time from last week, to take top spot with another 27:36 @ 26.96mph. Last week, Earl May just missed cracking the 23mph barrier, running 22.99mph. This week, under less optimum conditions, Earl dug a little deeper into the well of pain and was able to come up with two more seconds, which gives him another PR, his 6th of the year, and a time of 32:20 @ 23.01mph. Kristin White was the fastest among the ladies with a time of 33:27 @ 22.24mph. We had a 3-way tie between Beth McClure, Syd McRae, and Jessica Aveyard (PR) at 34:56 @ 21.30mph. Beth is coming off a great performance in a very cold and rainy Ironman Wisconsin two weeks back. Bill Weiss continues to creep ever so close to the 20mph mark with yet another PR and a time of 37:23 19.90mph. Raffle winners last night were Beth McClure and Eric McRae. Calories and fluids were replaced last night courtesy of Mi Pueblito.
We've got ONE more week of time trials for 2006, then it's time to ride off into the sunset, which we're kind of doing already. Thanks for supporting the TT series.