September 19, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
September 19, 2007

Nick Brummer0:28:3925.97PR
Andy Sweet0:28:4425.83PR
Kyle May0:28:5325.76 
Eric Harris0:29:0825.54 
Frank Brummer0:29:1125.49PR
Mark Jones0:29:4025.08PR
Chris Sprock0:30:1324.62 
Duffy Smith0:30:5224.10 
Tom Anderson0:31:4323.46PR
John Flick0:32:2822.92PR
Mike Doyle0:33:0222.52PR
Earl May0:33:0622.48 
Brian Wright0:33:2922.22 
Sandy Hoskins0:36:1420.53PR
Richard Berard0:36:2020.48 
Harold Hoskins0:37:4919.67PR
Adam Hoskins0:41:4317.83PR
Bill Burger DNFFLAT 

 Another very fast night at the Homestead, as the 2007 DTTS season winds down. Many riders are reaping the rewards of their training, with over half of our field scoring PR’s last night. Nick Brummer from Springfield lead in all riders with a PR ride of 28:39 @ 25.97mph. Andy Sweet came down after time trialing in Bloomington Tuesday night, and set a PR with a 28:44 @ 25.83mph. Frank Brummer came up from T-town for one more go this year, and set a new personal best time of 29:11 @ 25.49mph. Mark Jones knocked a couple seconds off his early season PR, riding to a 29:40 @ 25.08mph. In all we had 6 riders go sub-30 last night. Tom Anderson continues to set personal records, dropping over 30 seconds this time with a 31:43 @ 23.46mph. John Flick grabbed a PR with a 32:28 @ 22.92mph, as did Mike Doyle with a 33:02 @ 22.52mph. The Hoskins family were out in force again last night, and all three set new PR’s. Sandy topped the 20 mph mark by a large margin with a 36:14 @ 20.53mph. Harold is approaching the 20 mph mark with a 37:49 @ 19.67mph, and Adam dropped over 4 minutes off last week’s time with a 41:43 @ 17.83mph. Since Adam is the first Junior to ride the out and back, he is now the Junior record holder on that course, and will have his name and time etched on the ancient DTTS stone tablet. 

We raffled off some cool stuff, from a North Face backpack, to cycling socks and some other stuff I can’t remember. 

In local racing news, Kyle May scored a top 10 at the Mattoon Beach ½ Iron on Saturday. He then drove to Sullivan on Sunday to race in the Rough Cut Classic mountain bike race, taking 2nd in the Novice division. Brian Wright garnered 3rd place in the Novice division as well. Mike Peer is racing the Redman Iron distance tri in Oklahoma City this weekend. Best of luck to Mike, as this is his first full Iron distance event. Last week, I neglected to mention that Decatur Triathlon champion Ed Elliott competed in his first Ironman in Wisconsin 2 weeks ago. Sorry Ed, I didn’t know you were racing the MOO! 

We have one more TT for the year, if the last two weeks are any indication, it will be a fast one. Thanks to our timers, Helene, Melinda, and Sharron, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.