September 14th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - September 14, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:25:54 28.73
Kyle May 0:28:10 26.41
Josh Kercheval 0:29:08 25.54
Eric McRae 0:29:45 25.01
Dave Loyd 0:30:25 24.46
Phil Shils 0:31:05 23.94
Bill Burger 0:31:06 23.92
Mark Jones 0:31:08 23.90
Travis Chance 0:31:26 23.67
Randy Flaugher 0:31:34 23.57
Tom Courson 0:32:15 23.07
John Flick 0:32:58 22.57
Ron Heitz 0:33:26 22.25
Tom Anderson 0:34:05 21.83
Earl May 0:34:12 21.75
Bobby Bankston 0:34:40 21.46
Pat Tharp 0:35:22 21.04
Richard Berard 0:36:58 20.13
Arthur Gross 0:37:08 20.04
Dennis Martin 0:37:50 19.67

  Not as exciting as last week without Kim Genenbacher and her admirers jockeying for position through the 4-way stop.  In fact, Kyle May had a car wave him through (I'm sure they probably saw he had no intention of slowing down anyway).  A deputy drove by to check on us and must have been OK with our time trial as no arrests were reported.  My faith in society is temporarily restored.  Actually, I hope I'm not jinxing us, but for the past two years the motoring public has been very patient with us during our TT's.  (Especially the carjacking victims by Kristin White)  I'm sure many are annoyed but almost all have acted reasonably.
The times were fast and we had a couple of debut rides last night, and they were impressive.  Randy Flaugher and Travis Chance finished within 8 seconds of each other and averaged about 23.6mph.  Jeff Schroetlin rode a 25:54@28.73mph.  And Josh Kercheval borrowed a nice bike from Scott Berry and rode a 29:08@25.54mph.  Let go of some cash, you miser, and you might really go fast.  And I'm happy to report that neither Shils nor Burger locked their keys in their cars, or anyone else's keys in their cars.  We have two weeks left and a couple of riders still have a shot at a shirt.  Thanks to our timer, Melinda Peterson.  Our raffle winners were Schroetlin and Kercheval.  It's not fair that fast guys win the drawing so next week no one with a TT shirt will be entered.  Thanks for supporting the TT series.