September 13, 2006

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial -     September 13, 2006


Jeff Schroetlin0:27:0027.56 
Kyle May0:27:3626.96PR
Eric Harris0:28:0426.51PR
Eric McRae0:28:4125.94PR
Duffy Smith0:30:4624.18 
Mark Jones0:30:4624.18 
Earl May0:32:2222.99PR
Bill Burger0:32:3622.82 
John Flick0:32:5722.58PR
Tom Anderson0:33:2722.24 
Kristin White0:33:5621.93 
Chris White0:34:0421.84 
Syd McRae0:34:1921.68 
Brian Wright0:34:2921.58PR
Dennis Martin0:34:4721.39PR
Richard Berard0:35:1621.10PR
Diane Grubb0:36:4020.29 
Bill Weiss0:37:2719.87PR
Larry Livingston0:37:4419.72 
FAST conditions at the Homestead, as 19 riders were blessed with oxygen tent-like conditions for last night's TT. 60 degree temps and a light NW wind didn't hurt either, as 9 riders grabbed PR glory. Jeff Schroetlin took a break from riding poker runs on his Hog, and rode his bicycle into last night's top spot. His time was 27:00 @ 27.56mph. Kyle May was coming off a fastest bike split at last weekend's Mattoon 1/2 Iron, and set a PR with a blazing fast 27:36 @ 26.96mph. He was only 3 seconds from breaking the 27 mph barrier, which only Schroetlin has done. I was able to grab another PR with a time of 28:04 @ 26.51mph. Eric McRae has been shifting his focus to running as he prepares for the Chicago and New York marathons, but nevertheless grabbed a PR with a very nice 28:41 @ 25.94mph. Eric was 5 seconds from the 26mph mark. Duffy Smith and Mark Jones were locked in a tough battle and ran identical 30:46 @ 24.18mph. The ride of the night goes to Earl May, as he didn't just break the sub-33 mark, he kicked the door down with an incredible 32:22 @ 22.99mph. GREAT ride Earl. John Flick also went sub-33 to get a PR with a time of 32:57 @ 22.58mph. The Whites were running a close battle as well last night, with Kristin 8 seconds ahead for a 33:56 @ 21.93mph. Brian Wright scored a PR last night with a time of 34:29 @ 21.58mph. Dennis Martin upped his game to another level with another PR, 34:47 @ 21.39mph. Richard Berard has been riding the PR train a lot lately, and he won't be getting off this week, breaking the 21mph mark with a 35:16 @ 21.10mph. Bill Weiss continues to edge up to the 20mph barrier with another personal record of 37:27 @ 19.87mph. Great riding everyone! We have two more weeks of time trials, and we should continue to see these excellent conditions. So come on out the "dragstrip" and set a fast time.
By the way, I have added a "PR" column to the results spreadsheet to more easily track everyone's best times.
The free entry into the 2007 Sullivan Civic Center Triathlon was won by Earl May, who is reportedly going to get a team up. Thanks to Monte Johnson for the donating the free entry, and there are many of us TTer's that are looking forward to racing at the Civic Center next April. Other raffle winners were Bill Weiss and John Flick. Thanks for supporting the TT series.