May 9, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
May 9, 2007

Eric Harris0:59:0825.16 
Kyle May0:59:3624.97 
Eric McRae1:00:2424.64 
Andrew Young1:08:5621.59PR
Clay Sayers1:10:0521.23PR
Roy Tsuda1:10:0821.22 
Beth McClure1:11:2720.83 
Phil Shils1:13:2920.25 
Jessica Aveyard1:14:0020.11 
Sean MarlingDNF  
Jeff Schroetlin0:27:2227.19 
Frank Brummer0:29:5324.90 
Nick Brummer0:30:3524.33PR
Mark Jones0:31:2323.71 
Mike Peer0:31:3323.58 
Chris Sprock0:33:0622.48 
Greg Perry0:34:0321.85 
Dave Fathauer0:34:1121.77PR
John Flick0:34:1121.77 
Earl May0:34:1721.70 
Chris White0:34:4721.39 
Syd McRae0:35:0121.25 
Kyle Harden0:35:1221.14 
Brian Wright0:36:1720.51 
Bill Weiss0:36:3320.36 
Alex King0:36:5020.20PR
Richard Berard0:36:5820.13 
Mike Doyle0:37:0520.06 
Ed Raycraft0:38:0819.51 
Diane Grubb0:38:1419.46 
Larry Livingston0:38:5619.11 
Marshall Brustein0:41:2917.94 

We had great weather for some bicycle riding last night, and the riders responded, with 32 people showing up to take on the course, and the clock. In the 40k, quick time was set by your humble results writer, with a time of 59:08 @ 25.16mph. We had four riders in the 40k last night that had ran the 500 Festival ½ marathon in Indy last weekend, Kyle May, Phil Shils, Jessica Aveyard, and Clay Sayers. I’m sure that all were on tired legs, but somehow Clay managed to ride to a PR with a 1:10:05 @ 21.23mph. Beth McClure was the fastest of the ladies running a 1:11:27 @ 20.83mph, and Andrew Young set a PR with a nice 1:08:56 @ 21.59mph.

Jeff Schroetlin set fast time in the 20k, riding to a 27:22 @ 27.19mph. Frank Brummer joined the 2007 Sub-30 Club last night, grabbing one of the coveted shirts with a time of 29:53 @ 24.90mph. Nick Brummer looks to be headed in his father’s footsteps, as he sets a PR, and edges closer to the Sub-30 mark with a nice 30:35 @ 24.33mph. Syd McRae was our fastest female rider with a time of 35:01 @ 21.25mph. We had PR’s from Dave Fathauer with a 34:11 @ 21.77mph, and Alex King with a 36:50 @ 20.20mph. We also had three new riders last night, Kyle Harden, Ed Raycraft, and Marshall Brustein. Their times were, respectively, 35:12 @ 21.14mph, 38:08 @ 19.51mph, and 41:29 @ 17.94mph. Raffle winners were Phil Shils, Eric Harris, Larry Livingston, and Diane Grubb.

Thanks to our timers, Helene and Melinda, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.