May 7, 2008

Kyle May0:28:3126.09
Jeff Schroetlin0:29:1125.49
Eric Harris0:29:3325.18
Ed Elliott0:30:1024.66
Mark Jones0:30:4124.25
Mike Schmalandt0:31:4523.43
Sean Marling 0:32:3222.87
Tom Anderson0:33:5621.93
Syd McRae0:35:0621.20
Beth McClure0:35:5120.75
Bill Burger0:36:2520.43
Bill Weiss0:38:2519.37

Wet and windy conditions at the Homestead last night, and 12 soggy souls hit the pavement for a cool and refreshing ride. Kyle May was the fastest rider clocking a 28:31 @ 26.09mph. Jeff Schroetlin joined the ranks of the Sub-30 On A Road Bike Club with a 29:11 @ 25.49mph. Your intrepid results writer went Sub-30 with a time of 29:33 @ 25.18mph. 2007 Decatur Triathlon champ Ed Elliott just missed the Sub-30 mark with a 30:10 @ 24.66mph. Orbea rep Mike Schmalandt road a solid 31:45 @ 23.43mph. Sean Marling was spinning on the single speed and posted a very nice 32:32 @ 22.87mph. Syd McRae was our fastest female, her time was 35:06 @ 21.20mph.

Mike the Orbea guy brought out a box of swag, including arm warmers, hats, socks, energy bars etc. No one went home empty handed, with everyone scoring some sort of goody. Thanks Mike!

The 40k option starts next week, so come on out and double your pleasure!

Thanks to Big Eric McRae and Mad Mike Doyle for standing in the rain to time us, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series. Results attached.