May 4th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - May 4, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:56:56 26.14
Eric McRae 0:59:55 24.83
Eric Harris 1:04:18 23.14
Ron Gillen 1:04:18 23.14
Bill Burger 1:06:17 22.45
Ed Elliott 1:06:29 22.38
Mark Jones 1:06:36 22.34
Chuck V. 1:08:32 21.71
Phil Shils 1:09:20 21.46
Tom Anderson 1:11:20 20.86
Rider Time Avg Spd
Tom Griffith 0:32:05 23.19
Dave Loyd 0:32:35 22.83
Dylan Lewis 0:33:24 22.28
John Flick 0:34:30 21.57
Syd McRae 0:35:13 21.13
James Ray 0:35:36 20.90
Kristin White 0:36:12 20.55
Earl May 0:36:45 20.24
Pat Tharp 0:37:50 19.67
Ron Heitz 0:38:10 19.49
Goodie 0:38:14 19.46
Todd Harper 0:38:30 19.32
Dennis Martin 0:40:10 18.52
John Sendzik 0:41:25 17.96
Mike Stokes 0:42:16 17.60
Kelly Hazenfield 0:45:10 16.47
Patrick Tharp 0:45:15 16.44
It was a record attendance last night as 27 riders came out to enjoy (or suffer in) the great weather.  The light winds contributed to several PR's in both the 20K and 40K.  We had two riders renew their membership in the 40K sub-hour club as Kyle May turned in a 56:56 at 26.14 mph.  That's Schroetlin-like speed.  Tom Griffith led home the 20K riders with a very nice 32:05 at 23.2 mph.  I think everyone's been training hard as there were many strong rides.  The raffle winners were Kristin White and Mike Stokes.  The raffle donor this week was the Decatur Athletic Club.  DAC is the premiere health and fitness club in Decatur offering a complete range of equipment, classes and facilities, including an indoor/outdoor lap pool.  Their personal trainers include serious and talented multi-sport athletes such as Kim Genenbacher and Tina Ames.  Need some help on one of the disciplines?  Kim consistently records the fastest swim and bike splits and Tina is fresh off of a 3:24 Boston Marathon.  Call 423-7020, or visit
Last night was Michael Fearheiley's last as timer.  His back is better and he'll be back as a rider next week.  The lovely and talented Amanda Shils has agreed to fill in next week as our temporary timer.  This is only temporary, so if you know of anyone that would be willing to time us, please let me know.  The job pays $10/week and all the gatorade you can drink.
And as usual, we weren't without mishap last night.  Last night we were joined by category 1 racer, Dylan Lewis.  Dylan spent some time racing in Europe and we rely on him to keep us abreast of proper riding etiquette.  Just as any good continental pro will tell you, Dylan knows that it's bad luck to run over an insect on your bike, especially before a race.  Well, as we were heading to the start line Dylan spotted an ant directly in his path.  A skillful bike handler from his time spent racing on the cobbles of northern Europe, Dylan took evasive action and pulled a wheelie to avoid the hapless creature.  Unfortunately, though, for Dylan (and more so the ant) Kyle had outfitted Dylan's bike with a super lightweight aero wheel.  In his haste to avoid the insect curse, Dylan's effort was somewhat extreme.  While I wasn't witness to the carnage, I was within earshot.  First there was a thud (Dylan landing on his back), then a faint, high-pitched scream (the ant) followed by a moan (Dylan).  Dylan's bike survived intact.  Dylan bravely rode the TT with his cracked helmet and road rash rear (or maybe it was the other way around, I don't recall).  The ant didn't make it.  I assumed this was the end of the excitement for the night, but minutes later, as the 40K riders were leaving the start line, I saw Kyle May giving last-minute instruction to Phil Shils on the proper way to mount your machine in transition.  A quick and eager learner, Phil began his ride with a lively leap directly onto his top tube.  Again, I heard a thud (Phil landing on his top tube), a faint, high-pitched scream (Phil feeling his top tube) and a moan (those of us watching).  Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the TT series.  Results attached.