May 28, 2008

NameTime MPH
Kyle May0:59:0625.18
Sean Marling1:00:5724.41
Andy Sweet1:01:0324.37
Eric Harris1:02:0423.97
Chris Daniels1:02:3123.80
Mark Jones1:05:2322.76
Brian Wright1:11:0520.93
Lee Eichenauer1:11:1720.87
Phil Shils1:17:3819.17
Rick Steward1:18:5018.88
Geno Warlow0:30:3524.33
Ed Elliott0:30:4324.22
Duffy Smith0:31:3323.58
Chris Sprock0:33:0222.52
Andrew Young0:33:5621.93
Dan Schroeder0:34:2921.58
Mike Doyle0:34:3421.52
Tom Anderson0:34:3521.51
Denise Ismari0:34:4121.45
Mike Peer0:34:4821.38
John Flick0:35:0221.24
Mike Hannah0:35:1321.13
Chris Monroe0:35:2221.04
Roy Tsuda0:35:2421.02
Beth McClure0:35:4520.81
Earl May0:35:5720.70
Arthur Gross0:37:2519.88
Robert Bopp0:39:0319.05
Tim Aydt0:39:1118.99
Richard Berard0:39:2718.86
Bill Weiss0:39:2918.84
Chris Oakley0:39:3218.82
John Pranshke0:39:5818.62
Sean Higgins0:40:3918.30
Diane Grubb0:40:4218.28
Becca Monroe0:43:2317.15
Jenny Garrison0:52:2814.18

Mild and breezy conditions continue to give us good turnouts for the TT series, and last night we had a record breaking 38 riders on the circuit. 10 of those riders chose the 40k option, with Kyle May leading the pack with a very nice 59:06 @ 25.18mph in less than ideal wind conditions. Andy Sweet was one of four Bloomington riders who came down for some pleasant Macon Co. TT weather. His debut 40k time was 1:01:03 @ 24.37mph. Rick Steward decided to have a go with the 2 lappers, and his time was 1:18:50 @ 18.88mph. Geno Warlow led in all 20k riders with a 30:35 @ 24.33mph. His super aero Cervelo fixed gear is one sweet machine, and with better conditions Geno’s ride would have been “Sub”. We had 10 riders in the 21mph range, with Andrew Young’s 33:56 @ 21.93mph leading the way. Denise Ismari was the fastest of the ladies. Her time was 34:41 @ 21.45mph. Jenny Garrison made her DTTS debut last night, and rode the 20k on her mountain bike to a 52:28 @ 14.18mph. I can speak from experience that time trialing on a MTB is tough stuff, especially with last night’s wind. Great job Jenny.

Specialized rep Dan Scroeder was out for some riding and some swagging, and had lots of goodies for the assembled crowd. A big thanks goes out to our timers Helene, Melinda and Sharon, as the large numbers of riders taking part in this season’s TT continues to make their job very busy. These ladies do a great job and it’s appreciated! Oh, and remember to yell out your number, or they’ll be coming to get you. There will be a guest results writer next week, as I will be sipping a cold sarsaparilla on the beach. Thanks for supporting the TT series.