May 25th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - May 25, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:52:30 28.34
Kyle May 0:57:47 25.75
Eric Harris 0:59:50 24.87
Mark Jones 1:05:23 22.76
Rob Mowery 1:05:43 22.64
Mike Peer 1:05:44 22.64
Bill Burger 1:05:45 22.63
Chuck V. 1:08:22 21.76
Roy Tsuda 1:10:02 21.25
Phil Shils 1:10:17 21.17
Tracy Waddington 1:10:32 21.10
Greg Tsuda 1:15:42 19.66
Rider Time Avg Spd
Dave Loyd 0:32:09 23.14
Tom Courson 0:32:25 22.95
Ed Harris 0:34:38 21.48
Syd McRae 0:35:04 21.22
Kristin White 0:35:36 20.90
Michael Fearheily 0:35:45 20.81
Michael Koluch 0:36:54 20.16
Todd Harper 0:37:46 19.70
Bobby Bankston 0:37:57 19.60
Mike Stokes 0:40:32 18.36
Steve Spinner 0:42:27 17.53
Bob Thomas 0:48:09 15.45
A monumental night as we have a new course record and we welcomed yet another member into the sub-hour club.  24 riders came out to enjoy very fast conditions with a light easterly breeze and our biggest 40K group ever (12) tackled 2 laps.  As the 20K riders rolled in, the times continued to drop with Dave Loyd leading home the bunch in 32:09 @ 23.14mph.  We had a couple of very strong debuts from Steve Spinner and Bobby Bankston, and our local fast women, Syd McRae and Kristin White finished 30 seconds apart in 4th and 5th, respectively.  We also had a couple of very strong 40K debuts and 4 PR's.  The timing crew could tell it was going to be a special night with impressive first lap times across the board.  The first great feat of the night was when Jeff Schroetlin blasted across the line in 52:30 @ 28.34mph for a new course record by over a minute.  You could see riders move to the right as he came upon them from behind because they thought he was a car.  The buzz at the finish line hadn't died down yet when Eric Harris scorched his second lap and busted down the door to the sub-hour club with a 59:50 @ 24.87mph.  The finish line crowd was in a frenzy that only grew as Rob Mowery, Mike Peer and then Burger sprinted across the line with finish times 1 second apart.  The chance to witness the excitement, and to be able to assist our lovely timer, Amanda Shils, made my one week suspension for cheating in the Terre Haute Triathlon worth it.  (I was innocent)  Kristin White and Tracy Waddington were our raffle winners.  An awards ceremony for Eric Harris was held at LSB afterwards and he was presented with the coveted shirt. 
We have a couple of potential negative events that I need to make you all aware of.  The county has started repairs on the bridge approaches on Four Bridges Road.  I don't know the extent or timing of the work, but if it results in a complete resurfacing, that will be great.  If need be, we'll move the course to the Harristown location that we moved to late last year to avoid the construction.  It's only a couple of miles away and I'll give as much notice as possible.  The second problem is our ongoing timer situation.  I fired Amanda last night as she insists on drug testing and she's not falling for my shy bladder excuse any longer.  Please, if you have a spouse, friend, child (older), pet, etc,. see if you can talk them into being our timer.  The job pays $10 and all the gatorade you can drink.  Thanks for supporting the time trial series.              
Eric "Locate" McRae