May 24, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - May 24, 2006
Name Time MPH
Kyle May  0:28:29 26.12
Eric Harris 0:29:08 25.54
Bill Burger 0:33:31 22.20
Beth McClure 0:33:40 22.10
Greg Culver 0:34:40 21.46
Dan Schroeder 0:39:21 18.91
Mike Stokes 0:39:27 18.86
A heavy storm front came through around 4:30pm last night, which gave us our typical post storm cool and fast conditions, but limited our field to 9 riders. There was however a fairly strong wind from the south that prevented any record runs. Kyle May led home all riders with a fine 28:29 @ 26.12mph. Beth McClure was the only female rider last night, and turned in a great time of 33:40 @ 22.10mph. We were self timing last night, so all results are, of course, unofficial.