May 23, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
May 23, 2007

Eric Harris1:01:1124.32 
Eric McRae1:02:0323.98 
Kyle May1:03:2823.45 
Andrew Young1:11:0120.95 
Bill Burger1:12:5120.43 
Jessica Aveyard1:14:5219.88 
Mike PeerDNF  
Mark Jones0:30:4424.21 
Chris Sprock0:31:2323.71 
Duffy Smith0:32:5022.66 
Earl May0:34:4221.44 
Phil Shils0:34:5021.36 
Beth McClure0:34:5721.29 
John Flick0:35:1821.08 
Chris White0:35:2121.05 
Mike Doyle0:35:2421.02PR
Jim Neviackas0:35:2820.98 
Syd McRae0:36:1920.49 
Andre Granzotti0:36:3120.37 
Mike Sichlau0:36:5220.18 
Tom Anderson0:37:1519.97 
Brian Wright0:38:0919.50 
Matt Maupin0:38:2619.36 
Ed Raycraft0:38:4819.18 
Bill Weiss0:40:2318.42 

It looks like we’ve seen the last of the spring rains on Wednesday night, but the wind remains, and it made last night’s TT a tough go. Fast time in the 40k was a 1:01:11 @ 24.32mph. Mike Peer, coming off a nice finish at the Terre Haute triathlon, went down hard at the turn onto Four Bridges Rd. The local road crew must have thought this to be a good place for a couple hundred pounds of gravel, and it was a big surprise to all riders. Hopefully we can get it removed before next week’s TT. Fastest and only female riding the 40k was Jessica Aveyard, who posted a time of 1:14:52 @ 19.88mph. 

In the 20k, Mark “What Wind?” Jones rode a great 30:44 @ 24.21mph to take top spot. His ride could well have been Sub-30 on a calm night. Duffy Smith, coming off a Top 25 finish at the Terre Haute triathlon, ran a time of 32:50 @ 22.66mph. Beth McClure was the fastest of the ladies in the 20k, riding to a 34:57 @ 21.29mph. Mike Doyle continues to raise the bar on his performance, and didn’t let a little wind keep him from setting another PR, this time with a 35:24 @ 21.02mph. 

We raffled off quite a few items last night, and the entry into the Charleston Challenge was won by Bill Burger. Thanks to our timers, Helene, Melinda, and Perry, and thanks for supporting the TT series.