May 21, 2008

Kyle May0:58:4525.33
Sean Marling0:59:5624.83
Eric Harris1:01:2224.25
Mark Jones1:02:0323.98
Duffy Smith1:06:3522.35
Bill Burger1:08:2521.75
Brian Wright1:11:1820.87
Phil Shils1:13:4120.19
Robert Brokaw0:28:5425.74
Chris Daniels0:29:2825.25
Jim Neviackas0:33:1722.35
Tom Anderson0:33:5321.96
Mike Doyle0:34:0621.82
Chris Monroe0:34:2921.58
Lee Eichenauer0:34:4821.38
John Flick0:34:5121.35
Denise Ismari0:35:0121.25
Roy Tsuda0:35:2421.02
Mike Peer0:35:2720.99
Anna Stadler0:35:3120.95
Rick Steward0:35:3620.34
Earl May0:36:0720.60
Arthur Gross0:37:1120.01
Scott Broyles0:37:3819.77
Dennis Martin 0:38:2619.36
Robert Bopp0:38:2619.36
Bill Weiss0:38:2819.34
John Pranshke0:38:4819.18
Diane Grubb0:39:4418.72
Tim Aydt0:40:0418.57
Tracy Buschbom0:40:0818.54
Rick Scholl0:41:0518.11
Sean Higgins0:41:1918.01
Becca Monroe0:42:1517.61
Marsha Cordts0:44:1816.79

We had a large turnout last night at the Homestead. A record tying 35 riders came out to time trial, generating an estimated 6000 total watts of power during the ride. That’s enough juice to power a small convenience store, or KISS tribute band for 1 hour! Leading in the two lappers was Kyle May with a time of 58:45 @ 25.33mph. Sean Marling became the second Sub-60 Club member of ’08 with a 59:56 @ 24.83mph. Mark Jones edges closer to the 60 minute barrier with a nice 1:02:03 @ 23.98mph. In 20k action, Robert Brokaw posted fast time with a 28:54 @ 25.74mph. Chris Daniels renewed his Sub-30 Club membership with a ride of 29:28 @ 25.25mph. Denise Ismari was our fastest lady rider. Her time was 35:01 @ 21.25