May 18th 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - May 18, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:56:07 26.52
Kyle May 0:56:57 26.13
Eric McRae 1:01:21 24.25
Duffy Smith 1:04:57 22.91
Mark Jones 1:06:52 22.25
Bill Burger 1:07:38 22.00
Dave Loyd 1:07:47 21.95
Chuck V. 1:09:59 21.26
Phil Shils 1:10:34 21.09
Rider Time Avg Spd
Doug Mehan 0:32:33 22.86
Tom Courson 0:32:40 22.78
Rob Mowery 0:33:51 21.98
Roy Tsuda 0:34:07 21.81
John Flick 0:35:23 21.03
Ed Harris 0:35:34 20.92
Syd McRae 0:35:38 20.88
Earl May 0:37:11 20.01
Mike Koluch 0:37:39 19.76
Michael Fearheily 0:38:06 19.53
Ron Heitz 0:38:44 19.21
Dennis Martin 0:38:51 19.15
Richard Berard 0:38:51 19.15
Mike Stokes 0:40:33 18.35
Matt Leininger 0:42:05 17.68
Bob Thomas 0:52:15 14.24
  I continue to be impressed with the good turnouts and the fast times.  Twenty-five riders came out last night to battle the clock and a brisk SSE breeze.  Several riders made very impressive season debuts.  In fact, 3 of the top 4 fastest 20K times were new riders with Doug Mehan turning in the fastest time of the night with a 32:33 @ 22.9 mph on a rental bike from Spin City Cycles.  Syd McRae was our only female rider posting the 7th fastest time of night.  The 40K TT turned out to be the clash of the titans as May and Schroetlin battled it out at upwards of 26mph.  Schroetlin posted a 56:07 @ 26.52mph with Kyle 50 seconds behind.  Rumor has it there were multiple lead changes with some trash talking going on, although I'm not sure how you talk while propelling your bike at 26mph.  Our head timer was Amanda Shils assisted by Angela Fearheily and Melinda Peterson, and they did a wonderful job.  Bob "the calculator" Thomas took care of the tricky math calculations.  Thank you to all of them.  The raffle winners were Michael Koluch, Richard Berard and Duffy Smith.  Spin City Cycles was a prize donor again this week.  As promised, we had an awards presentation for the 3 riders that have thus far ridden the 20K under 30 minutes and the 40K under 60 minutes.  Schroetlin, May and McRae are now sporting some handsome TT Series shirts.  I have a lot of shirts so keep training.  And speaking of shirts, Kyle May has some clothing samples coming in for the Spin City Racing Triathlon and Cycling Teams.  Attached is an order form.  Thank you supporting the TT series.  
Eric "Locate" McRae