May 16, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
May 16, 2007

Kyle May0:59:1925.09 
Eric Harris0:59:2525.04 
Eric McRae1:00:2124.66 
Mike Peer1:06:2022.43 
Andrew Young DNF  
Jeff Schroetlin0:26:4627.80 
Chris Daniels0:30:2424.47 
Ed Elliott0:30:3024.39 
Mark Jones0:30:5524.07 
Chris Sprock0:31:0723.91 
Duffy Smith0:32:3722.81 
Earl May0:34:0621.82 
John Flick0:34:3021.57 
Beth McClure0:34:4121.45 
Dave Fathauer0:34:4621.40 
Chris White0:34:5121.35 
Mike Doyle0:35:4520.81PR
Andre Granzotti0:36:1920.49 
Alex King0:36:3520.34PR
Brian Wright0:36:3920.30 
Syd McRae0:36:4720.23 
Mike Sichlau0:37:0520.06 
Bill Weiss0:37:3219.82 
Richard Berard 0:38:1619.44 
Ed Raycraft0:38:3619.27 
Matt Maupin0:39:2118.91 
Larry Livingston0:41:2817.94 

It was cool and breezy last evening, but still a nice night to ride. 27 riders were out to have a go at the course, and some very nice times were posted on less than optimum conditions. Kyle May, coming off a wild finish at last weekend’s sprint tri in Neoga, was the fastest 40k rider, posting a time of 59:19 @ 25.09mph. Details on the Neoga finish are sketchy, but here is how things supposedly went down. Kyle was 400 meters from the finish, when he heard someone from behind chanting “Warrior, come out to plaaeeeeaay!” It was Eric McRae, closing in the final few meters, and May attempted a failed spinning back kick in an attempt to hold him off. McRae then got Kyle in a headlock, and they crossed the line with identical 1:06:49s! Several other area riders did well at the Mayhem, albeit without the kung fu fighting, so check out the results at  

We had quite a few notable rides in the 20k. Jeff Schroetlin was quick rider with a very fast 26:46 @ 27.80mph.  Ironman veteran Chris Daniels came out for a lap and posted a 30:24 @ 24.47mph. Ed Elliott made his 2007 debut with a nice 30:30 @ 24.39mph. Chris Sprock grabbed a PR with a 31:07 @ 23.91mph on his road bike. Our other Ironman veteran of the night, Beth McClure, set fast time for the ladies with a time of 34:41 @ 21.45mph. Syd McRae, coming off a 3rd overall Women’s finish in Neoga, posted a time of 36:47 @ 20.23mph. Mike Doyle set another PR with a time of 35:45 @ 20.81mph. Alex King also set a PR with a 36:35 @ 20.34mph. We had three new riders come out last night, Andre Granzotti, Mike Sichlan, and Matt Maupin, and their times were 36:19 @ 20.49mph, 37:05 @ 20.06mph, and 39:21 @ 18.91mph respectively. Raffle winners were Beth McClure, Bill Weiss, and Ed Elliott.

Next week we’ll be raffling off the first of two free entries into the Charleston Challenge duathlon in September, donated by Scott Berry. For information on this race, go to

Thanks to our timers Helene, Sharron, and Perry. And thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.