May 14, 2008

Kyle May0:59:5224.86
Sean Marling1:00:3324.57
Eric Harris1:02:2323.85
Mark Jones1:04:1723.15
Brian Wright1:09:5821.27
Jeff Schroetlin0:27:5426.67
Duffy Smith0:32:1923.02
Andrew Young0:33:1722.35
Chris Sprock0:33:2822.23
Tom Anderson0:33:5021.99
Mike Doyle0:34:5921.27
Syd McRae0:35:0621.20
Phil Shils0:35:0721.19
Earl May0:35:2221.04
John Flick0:35:4320.83
Monte Johnson0:35:4820.78
Beth McClure0:36:2820.40
Bill Weiss0:36:3620.33
Jay Reutter0:36:3620.33
Arthur Gross0:37:0720.05
Rick Steward0:37:4819.68
Scott Drazewski0:38:0619.53
Robert Bopp0:38:4319.22
Sandy Hoskins0:39:1718.94
Richard Berard0:39:2918.84
Roy Tsuda0:40:2718.39
Paige Tsuda0:40:5618.18
Diane Grubb0:41:4717.81

28 riders came out for last night’s TT, and cool/breezy conditions continue to be the norm. Our first 40k of the year saw Kyle May take the top spot, and gain 1st entry into the 2008 Sub-60 Club. His time was 59:52 @ 24.86mph. Brian Wright rode his first ever 2-lapper, and posted a solid 1:09:58 @ 21.27mph. In 20k action, Jeff Schroetlin took top spot with a 27:54 @ 26.67mph. Syd McRae was again our fastest lady rider with a 35:06 @ 21.20mph. He also had 4 new riders out last night, Scott Drazewski, Rick Steward, Jay Reutter and Paige Tsuda.

Thanks to our timers, Helene Flick and Eric McRae, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.