May 10, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - May 10, 2006
20 K    
Name  Time  MPH
Kyle May 0:27:47 26.78
Eric McRae 0:28:59 25.67
Sean Marling 0:29:14 25.45
Frank Brummer 0:29:20 25.36
Ed Elliott 0:29:56 24.86
Mark Jones 0:30:15 24.60
Bill Burger 0:31:05 23.94
Greg Perry 0:32:40 22.78
Beth McClure 0:33:52 21.97
P. Dawwg 0:33:54 21.95
Syd McRae 0:35:53 20.73

We had 11 either hearty souls or people with death wishes, I’m still not sure, show up last night.  Besides a little rain and rumbles of thunder (which puts the fear of god in you and makes you pedal faster) it was a good night.  Everyone went very fast (back to the thunder comment) we had 3 new members join the 20 under 30 club.  Frank Brummer, Ed Elliott and Sean Marling all made it. 

I have to thank my dad and Melinda for coming out and timing.  They braved the weather and did a great job timing. 

Beth and Burger won raffle prizes last night.