June 8, 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - June 8, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:29:10 25.51
Eric Harris 0:29:10 25.51
David Ashcraft 0:29:38 25.11
Dave Loyd 0:30:25 24.46
Bill Burger 0:31:56 23.30
Eric McRae 0:32:02 23.23
Chuck Van Arsdale 0:32:34 22.85
Kristin White 0:35:50 20.76
Once again, if you let the weather deter you, you missed a fast night.  A little light rain, no wind and a smooth new stretch of asphalt on Four Bridges Road made for fast times as we had three PR's and two new memberships granted in the Sub-30 Club.  Eight riders ignored the doppler radar, all opting for the 20K.  There was some new innovation out last night as Bill "Saran Wrap" Burger sported some new helmet covering.  His plan nearly backfired though as temporary assistant timer, Tom "The Chief" Courson pelted him with rocks half way through the TT because Tom saw a striking resemblance to Burger's helmet design and Michigan's football helmet.  And Kristin "Doggie Biscuit" White tried lightening the load by wearing less jewelry and less flesh.  Both ideas seemed to work.  It was a battle out there last night as Kyle May and Eric Harris tied for the fastest ride with matching 29:10's @25.51mph.  Occasional Wednesday Nighter, David Ashcraft of Chicagoland and Pearl Izumi fame, gained membership into the Sub-30 Club with a 29:38@25.11mph.  And Saran Wrap Burger had a PR besting your's truly by 6 seconds.  Our timers also worked hard last night circling the course and nearby roads not on the course, looking for debris washed onto the road.  Thanks to Chris and The Chief.  An awards presentation was held at LSB afterwards.  Thanks for supporting the TT Series.