June 7, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - June 7, 2006
Name Time MPH
Kyle May 1:00:24 24.64
Eric McRae 1:02:20 23.87
Sean Marling 1:03:02 23.61
Mike Peer 1:06:56 22.23
Duffy Smith 1:09:07 21.53
Bill Burger 1:11:00 20.96
Roy Tsuda 1:12:06 20.64
Phil Shils 1:14:01 20.10
Dylan Lewis 0:31:59 23.26
Mark Jones 0:32:57 22.58
Dalton Koprek 0:33:08 22.45
Beth McClure 0:35:03 21.23
Kristin White 0:35:48 20.78
Earl May 0:35:58 20.69
Andrew Young 0:36:06 20.61
John Flick 0:36:29 20.39
Chris White 0:36:51 20.19
Tom Courson 0:36:52 20.18
Ron Heitz 0:38:11 19.48
Tom Anderson 0:38:45 19.20
David Fathauer 0:38:51 19.15
Dennis Martin 0:38:51 19.15
Syd McRae 0:39:04 19.04
Richard Berard 0:39:54 18.65
Mike Stokes 0:40:37 18.32
Larry Livingston 0:41:26 17.96
Ty Hullum 0:42:39 17.44
Arthur Gross 0:42:58 17.32
Jim Stahl 0:43:17 17.19
Kim Sheppard 0:43:57 16.93

Well at least it wasn’t raining last night.  A little windy, so there were no super fast times.  Actually for me it was one of my slower nights, maybe I’m just in a slump right now, but I’ll blame it on the wind.  We had 30 people out last night with a few new faces, which is great. 

Dylan Lewis on his road bike led home the 20k field with a 31:59.  He didn’t do any wheelies this year before the ride so that probably helped.  Even on my slow night, I still beat McRae.  He will probably argue that last week during the Tri-Shark Tri he smoked me, so race day is where it counts.  He did place top 20 out of 450 people, so I guess he’s got a point.  Actually we had a lot of Wednesday night participants do really well at Tri-Shark.  Believe it or not their bike splits were usually some of the fastest in there age groups.  I’m a little bitter that McRae beat my bike split time and I was only 4 seconds from scoring a little shark trophy.  The ride home with me was a lot of fun.  Phil thought he was going to have to walk at one point.  That’s why this e-mail may sound a little bitter.

A bunch of us are going to do one of Tony Garrett’s races in Wolf Creek this Saturday.  You still have time to register and he does a great job running races.  Check out for more info.

Thanks to our 3 timers and everyone for coming out!