June 6, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
June 6, 2007

Jonathan Young1:01:1524.29 
Eric Harris1:02:2023.87 
David Fathauer1:07:2922.05 
Andrew Young1:09:4621.33 
Eric McRae0:29:4225.05 
Mark Jones0:30:1424.61PR
Chris Sprock0:31:2723.66 
Earl May0:33:3422.17 
Jim Neviackas0:33:4322.07 
Phil Shils0:33:5121.98 
Beth McClure0:33:5521.94 
Clay Sayers0:33:5921.89PR
Roy Tsuda0:34:1421.73 
Mike Doyle0:34:2121.66 
Syd McRae0:34:5021.36 
Brian Wright0:35:3020.96 
Andre Granzotti0:35:3620.90PR
Tom Anderson0:35:4420.82 
Bill Weiss0:37:0620.05 
Richard Berard0:37:2019.93 
Ed Moss0:37:4419.72 
Cody Webber0:37:4619.70 
Steve Webber0:38:2219.39 
Scott Broyles0:38:3519.28 
Amy Scott0:38:5219.14 
Diane Grubb0:40:3118.36 
Allison Hinch0:41:1318.05 
Larry Livingston0:41:3617.88 
Tim Aydt0:41:4017.86 
Sandy Hoskins0:43:1617.20 

Windy and warm for our time trial last night, and though the breeze was quite strong, we had some impressive rides. In the 40k, Jonathan Young from Champaign decided to come over and have a go at our course, and set fast time with a 1:01:15 @ 24.29mph. David Fathauer made his 40k debut and rode a very nice 1:07:29 @ 22.05mph. 

The wind didn’t seem to effect some of the 20k riders, as several very strong rides were put in. Eric McRae rode a great 29:42 @ 25.05mph to join the 2007 Sub-30 club. Mark Jones, who has been on a mission to break the 30 minute mark, came very close with a PR ride of 30:14 @ 24.61mph. Chris Sprock, coming off a Citizen’s class win at the Winfield Criterium last weekend, rode a nice 31:27 @ 23.66mph. Beth McClure was the fastest of a nice group of lady riders last night. Her time was 33:55 @ 21.94mph. Clay Sayers had great ride, and set a PR of 33:59 @ 21.89mph. Andre Granzotti also set a PR with a time of 35:36 @ 20.90mph. There were several raffle winners, but when I won the coveted Giant bottle opener, all of my focus was on the “precious”. 

As you may know, some of the Tri-Shark guys are hosting the 1st Annual TNTT Throwdown time trial next Tuesday in Bloomington. It sounds like a fun event, and several of us plan to go up. I have attached the flyer, and if you’re interested, please contact Kyle at Spin City or myself for directions. 

Thanks to our timers Helene, Melinda, and Sharron, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.