June 4, 2008

Jeff Shroetlin0:26:3328.02
Kyle May0:28:2326.21
Mark Jones0:29:2125.35
Duffy Smith0:29:4724.98
Mike Doyle0:31:5323.34
Brian Wright0:32:2222.99
Chris Sprock0:32:4522.72
Anna Stadler0:32:5922.56
Phil Shils0:33:0522.49
Beth McClure0:34:0121.87
Eric McRae0:35:1921.07
Syd McRae0:35:5020.76
Rick Steward0:36:0420.63
Arthur Gross0:36:1820.50
John Zierke0:39:1019.00
Jenny Garrison0:51:4014.40

With the wind straight out of the south, 16 brave souls tested their skills against the clock.  Overall there were great times posted by all.  Jeff Shroetlin, Kyle May, Mark Jones and Duffy Smith went under 30 minutes for the 20k course and Anna Stadler earned a 20 under 33 shirt for posting an impressive 32:59 @ 22.56 mph.  Mark Jones had a PR with 29:21 @ 25.35 mph.  The raffle winners were Duffy Smith who won some Chamois Butt’r and Mike Doyle won some Gatoraid.

Good luck to all those competing in Tri-Shark and the Wolf Creek triathlons this weekend.

Thank you to our timers and thank you for supporting the Decatur Time Trial Series.