June 29, 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - June 29, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:59:44 24.91
Eric Harris 1:01:05 24.36
Bill Burger 1:07:59 21.89
Chuck VanArsdale 1:08:03 21.87
Kim Genenbacher 1:08:09 21.83
Ed Harris 1:12:09 20.62
Kristin White 1:14:03 20.09
Ed Elliott DNF  
Phil Shils DNF  
Eric McRae DNF  
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:27:27 27.10
Duffy Smith 0:29:27 25.26
Josh Kercheval 0:29:58 24.83
Dave Loyd 0:30:57 24.04
Roger Jebe 0:31:59 23.26
Tom Courson 0:32:38 22.80
Roy Tsuda 0:33:59 21.89
Anna Stadler 0:34:04 21.84
Syd McRae 0:34:22 21.65
John Flick 0:34:34 21.52
Scott Giant 0:35:03 21.23
Earl May 0:35:21 21.05
Todd Harper 0:35:56 20.71
Jim Neviackas 0:36:26 20.42
Michael Fearheily 0:36:30 20.38
Ron Heitz 0:37:14 19.98
Dennis Martin 0:38:38 19.26
Mike Stokes 0:39:08 19.01
Becky Fritz 0:39:36 18.79
Amy Griffith 0:39:57 18.62
Diane Grubb 0:40:28 18.39
Terry Graham 0:41:30 17.93

Yet another record crowd came out last night as 32 riders endured the heat.  The Red Bull demo team was on hand at the start, and their magic elixir seems to have worked on a few riders as we welcomed two more into the Sub-30 Club.  Twenty-two riders opted for the 20K with Jeff Schroetlin turning in a 27:27@27.10mph.  Duffy Smith and Josh Kercheval each eclipsed the magic 30 minute barrier, and in fact it was Josh's first time on the course.  They each are now sporting a handsome new shirt.  Kyle May led home the 40K riders with a 59:44@24.91mph.  Our sponsors for last night were Red Bull, Spin City Cycles and Decatur Athletic Club.  The list of Wednesday Night TTers that utilize the DAC facilities is quite large, and understandably so.  The facilities are great and the staff is serious about helping you perform better.  After riding a strong 40K last night, DAC trainer Kim Genenbacher was seen at the club at 6:00 this morning working with a client.  The raffle winners were Kim Genenbacher, Dave Loyd and Michael Fearheily.  Bill Burger donated drinks.  Thank you to our timers Chris White and Angela Fearheily.  Thanks for supporting the TT series.