June 27, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
June 27, 2007

Name TimeMPH 
Eric Harris1:00:5624.42 
Stephan Eichenauer1:15:2119.75 
Jeff Schroetlin0:27:0427.49 
Kyle May0:28:1626.32 
Eric McRae0:29:2425.31 
Mark Jones0:29:4225.05PR
Chris Sprock0:30:2324.49PR
Andrew Young0:32:0323.23PR
Phil Shils0:32:2222.99 
Earl May0:32:2322.98 
Roy Tsuda0:32:3322.86 
Clay Sayers0:32:3822.80PR
Tom Anderson0:32:3922.79PR
Tom Courson0:32:5822.57 
Syd McRae0:33:0922.44PR
Brian Wright0:33:1922.33PR
Mike Doyle0:34:4121.45 
Scott Broyles0:35:0521.21PR
Richard Berard0:35:1121.15PR
Beth McClure0:35:2021.06 
Ed Raycraft0:36:4020.29PR


It looked like rain for last night’s TT, but the storm held off to the north, and we had a very fast night. The wind from the northwest that came through wasn’t very helpful to all of the 40k riders (myself and Stephan Eichenauer), but was a boon to the 20k riders, picking up just as many riders were turning for home. Jeff Schroetlin was the fastest of the one lappers, riding to a 27:04 @ 27.49mph. It was just a matter of time before Mark Jones joined the ranks of the 2007 Sub-30 Club, and last night was the night. Mark finished with a very nice 24:42 @ 25.05mph. Chris Sprock inches closer to joining the very exclusive Sub-30 Club “Road Bike Edition”.  His 30:23 @ 24.49mph is another PR. Andrew Young broke the 23mph mark with his ride last night, and set another personal record with a time of 32:03 @ 23.23mph. Clay Sayers set another PR last night with a 32:38 @ 22.80mph. Tom Anderson also set a personal best with a ride of 32:39 @ 22.79mph. Syd McRae was the fastest female, and knocked almost a full minute off of her PR from last week. She rode to a 33:09 @ 22.44mph, missing a berth into the Sub-33 Club by just 9 seconds. Brian Wright set a PR with a time of 33:19 @ 22.33mph. Scott Broyles and Richard Berard also grabbed PR’s with times of 35:05 @ 21.21mph, and 35:11 @ 21.15mph respectively. Ed Raycraft topped the 20mph mark with a personal best ride of 36:40 @ 20.29mph. I believe that this was the first night in the history of the DTTS, with a full field, that everyone in the 20k topped 20mph. Great job to all riders!

Several items were raffled, but I wasn’t paying very much attention, so I don’t know who got what. Also, this Sunday is the 1st annual Rodney T. Miller Lakeside Triathlon held in Decatur. This event was created to honor the memory of a great athlete, and dedicated husband, father, and law enforcement officer. It should be a great event, and is being held in conjunction with the Lakeside Arts & Music Festival. I hope you can come out and participate, or at least watch some of us flounder around out there. For more information go to .

Finally, we will not be time trialing next Wednesday, July 4th, although Andy Sweet says that the Bloomington crew will be TTing on Tuesday the 3rd. They have 11 and 20 mile options, and I may just head up there for another go. If interested, email me for directions.

Thanks to our timers, Helene, Sharron, and Melinda, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.