June 25, 2008

Andy Sweet0:58:1225.57
Mark Jones1:01:0024.39PR
Jeff Schroetlin0:26:5827.59
Eric McRae0:30:1524.60
Duffy Smith0:30:2924.41
Chris Sprock0:31:2523.68
John Flick0:32:5422.61
Mike Doyle0:33:0622.48
Phil Shils0:33:0722.47
Joe Erickson0:33:5621.93
Syd McRae0:34:1021.78
Tom Anderson0:34:1521.72
Michael Peer0:34:1821.69
Anna Stadler0:34:2321.64
Chris Monroe0:34:2921.58
Earl May0:34:4121.45
Brian Wright0:34:5421.32
Heather Sweet0:34:5721.29
Rick Scholl0:35:1321.13
Kevin Ryan0:35:2221.04
Tamara White0:35:4320.83
Rick Steward0:35:4520.81PR
Arthur Gross0:36:3720.32
Sean Higgins0:36:3820.31
Chris Oakley0:37:3919.76
Richard Berard0:37:5419.63
Bruce Obringer0:38:0419.54
Trent Pflaum0:38:3119.32
Tim Aydt0:39:1019.00
Bill Weiss0:39:2818.85
Diane Grubb0:39:4418.72
Chris Calvert0:40:2518.41
Becca Monroe0:41:0318.12
Marsha Cordts0:42:5017.37
Jenny Garrison0:48:1815.40
We had 35 riders hit the starting line last night.  With the conditions a little hotter and muggier than what we have been used to, we still had a good time and good rides.  We had 2 riders take two laps on the course with Andy Sweet coming down from Bloomington handing in the fastest time with a 58:12 @ 25.57 mph.  Mark Jones had a PR with a 1:01:00 @ 24.39 mph.  On the 20k course Jeff Schroetlin was the fastest man of the night with a 26:58 @ 27.59 mph.  Syd McRae was our fastest female with a 34:10 @ 21.78 mph.  Rick Steward had a PR with 35:45 @ 20.81 mph.  We had a couple of new riders last night; Chris Calvert 40:25 @ 18.41 mph, Bruce Obringer 38:04 @ 19.54 mph, Tamara White 35:43 @ 20.83 mph, and Trent Pflaum 38:31 @ 19.32 mph.