June 22, 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - June 22, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:58:33 25.41
Eric Harris 0:58:54 25.26
Eric McRae 1:03:24 23.47
Bill Burger 1:05:11 22.83
Mike Peer 1:05:40 22.66
Chuck VanArsdale 1:06:53 22.25
Syd McRae 1:09:50 21.31
Phil Shils 1:09:54 21.29
Kristin White 1:10:26 21.13
Beth McClure 1:10:58 20.97
Rider Time Avg Spd
Duffy Smith 0:30:48 24.16
Rob Mowery 0:31:39 23.51
Tom Courson 0:32:21 23.00
John Flick 0:34:10 21.78
Anna Stadler 0:34:42 21.44
Roy Tsuda 0:34:43 21.43
Todd Harper 0:35:51 20.75
Michael Fearheily 0:35:57 20.70
Jim Neviackas 0:36:21 20.47
Becky Fritz 0:37:19 19.94
Ron Heitz 0:37:20 19.93
Steve Spinner 0:38:54 19.13
Michael Stokes 0:39:11 18.99
Diane Grubb 0:40:12 18.51
Bob Thomas 0:49:53 14.91

Sorry these are late.  Kyle appealed a penalty assessed by the head timer and I needed time to study the case and accept the bribes.  Kyle won his appeal.  Anyhow, a record attendance of 28 riders came out last week to battle the heat.  Some had more problems with the temperature than others, but we had several PR's with light breezes.  Sixteen riders rode the 20K with Duffy Smith leading them home in 30:48@24.16mph.  We also had our largest female contingent of the year with three 20K and three 40K women.  Anna Stadler led home the 20K women in 34:42@21.44mph.  Syd McRae posted a 1:09:50@21.31mph as the three 40K women finished within a minute of each other.  In the men's 40K, it was a tight battle between fast men Kyle May and Eric Harris with Kyle coming in 21 seconds ahead in 58:33@25.41mph, although Kyle was penalized 2 minutes for arguing with the head timer, but won on appeal.  Our raffle winners were Rob Mowery, Chuck VanArsdale and Kristin White.  And Dr. White was also our raffle donor with prizes from The Back Institute in Forsyth.  More and more Wednesday night TTers are utilizing her services and they keep setting PR's.  Call 875-7151 or visit  Also, this is last call for tri-clothing orders which are being sent in Tuesday.  Reserve your Team Dwindle tri top or risk missing laughter and scorn from strangers.  Stop by Spin City if you'd like something. 

  And a big announcement; this Wednesday is Red Bull night.  Spin City Cycles has arranged for the Red Bull demo team to visit the time trial.  Make sure to attend this week and enjoy a Red Bull.  Thanks for supporting the TT series.