June 20, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
June 20, 2007

NameTime MPH 
Kyle May0:58:50


Eric Harris0:59:1325.13 
Eric McRae1:00:5824.41 
Jonathan Young 1:04:0223.24 
Chad Pond1:04:3923.02 
Roy Tsuda1:06:5122.26 
Andrew Young1:07:4521.96PR
Bill Burger 1:09:1321.50 
Andy Sweet0:29:0925.52 
Mark Jones0:30:0924.68PR
Bob Clary 0:30:2724.43PR
Duffy Smith 0:30:3224.37 
Chris Sprock0:31:0623.92 
Jim Neviackas0:32:2422.96PR
Earl May0:32:5822.57 
John Flick0:33:3222.19 
Mike Doyle0:33:3622.14PR
Syd McRae0:34:0021.88PR
Tom Courson0:34:0121.87 
Tom Anderson0:34:0421.84 
Chris White0:34:1821.69 
Ed Moss0:34:3621.50PR
Andre Granzotti0:34:3921.47PR
Brian Wright0:34:5821.28 
Steve Webber0:36:0120.66 
Scott Broyles0:36:0520.62 
Richard Berard0:36:2220.46 
Cody Webber0:36:2320.45PR
Amy Scott0:37:0020.11PR
Tim Aydt0:37:3119.83PR
Steve Poland0:37:4419.72 
Amy Graham0:38:1819.43PR
Diane Grubb0:38:3019.32 
Sandy Hoskins0:39:4118.75PR
Allison Hinch0:39:5818.62PR


35 count’em 35 riders hit the road for a record breaking, PR smashing TT last night, with 14 riders setting PR’s. Starting off in the 40k, Kyle May continues to lead the 2 lap field with a time of 58:50 @ 25.29mph. Chad Pond rode a debut 40k with a time of 1:04:39 @ 23.02mph. Chad was one of the original TT riders in 2004, but moved out of state the next year. It was great to see him back at the Homestead. Andrew Young knocked over a minute off his recent 40k PR, riding to a 1:07:45 @ 21.96mph.

In the 20k, Ironman veteran and Bloomington TT honcho Andy Sweet came down to try out our course, and left with a 20 under 30 shirt, riding a great 29:09 @ 25.52mph. Syd McRae was our fastest female, and set a another PR this week with a 34:00 @ 21.88mph. In fact, there are so many PR’s this week, I’ll just list them in order. If you read your name on the list, please stand up from your computer and take a bow:

Mark Jones            30:04 @ 24.68mph
Bob Clary               30:27 @ 24.43mph
Jim Neviackas        32:24 @ 22.96mph
Mike Doyle             33:36 @ 22.14mph
Ed Moss                34:36 @ 21.50mph
Andre Granzotti      34:39 @ 21.47mph
Cody Webber         36:23 @ 20.45mph
Amy Scott              37:00 @ 20.11mph
Tim Aydt                37:31 @ 19.83mph
Amy Graham          38:18 @ 19.43mph
Sandy Hoskins       39:41 @ 18.75mph
Allison Hinch          39:58 @ 18.62mph

Last night was First Mid Illinois Bank & Trust night, or FMIBTN for short. Eric McRae brought out a plethora of goodies, with the big prizes being two $50 savings bonds. Those went to Chris Sprock and Scott Broyles. Roy Tsuda also donated a case of Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant to the assembled horde, but said that he was not implying anything in doing so. Yeah, we get the point doc.

Finally, David Fathauer was on the Mt. Auburn blacktop taking pictures last night, and pending his approval, Kyle will have these shots up on the Spin City site in the near future.  

Thanks to our timers, Helene, Sharron, and Melinda, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.