June 18, 2008

Jeff Schroetlin0:58:4525.33
Kyle May0:59:2125.07
Eris McRae1:02:4923.69
Mike Schmalandt1:02:5523.65
Mark Jones1:03:1523.53
Duffy Smith1:03:3023.43
Andrew Young1:06:5522.24
Kristen White1:11:1320.89
Michael Peer1:12:3020.52
Phil Shills1:13:2720.26
Rick Steward1:15:2319.74
Brian WrightDNFDNF
Chris Sprock0:31:5723.29
Mike Doyle0:34:0421.84
Tom Anderson0:34:2421.63
Ed Moss0:34:4121.45
Denise Ismari0:34:5621.30
Anna Stadler0:35:2621.00
Earl May0:35:2920.97
Chris Monroe0:35:3920.87
John Flick0:35:4620.80
Paul Yemm0:35:5220.74
Rick Scholl0:36:0620.61
Syd McRae0:36:2120.47
Roy Tsuda0:36:4020.29
Beth McClure0:36:5720.14
Arthur Gross0:37:0420.07
Kevin Ryan0:37:2819.86
Dennis Martin0:38:2819.34
Scott Broyles0:38:3119.32
Sean Higgins0:38:3719.27
Richard Berard0:39:1019.00
Bill Weiss0:39:2618.87
Tim Aydt0:39:3918.76
Roy Riley0:40:3118.36
John Zierke0:40:3618.33
Becca Monroe0:43:0617.26
Jessica Zeirke0:46:2116.05
Jenny Garrison0:50:1514.81

Another tough night at the “windfarm” and we had a near record crowd again with 39 participants.  We had a great showing of 40k riders with 12 riders going two laps.  Two riders went under an hour with Jeff Shroetlin leading the way with a 0:58:45 @ 25.33mph, Kyle May wasn’t far behind with a 0:59:21 @ 25.07mph.  Dr. Kristen White was the lone female and posted a respectable 1:11:13 @ 20.89mph.  Hopefully next week she can get some more competition for the 40k.  In the 20k course, Chris Sprock posted the fastest time with a 0:31:57 @ 23.29mph.  In the female race, Denise Ismari posted an impressive 0:34:56 @ 21.30 mph.  As far as PR’s, when you feel you have reached your PR please let us know and we can research it to give you a kudo’s.  Mike Schmalandt from Orbea came out to test his skills on the 40k course and rode a great time of 1:02:55 @ 23.65 mph.  Mike also generously donated the raffle prizes for last night of which we had plenty of winners.  I wanted to point out some of the new faces that have come out to support the TT in the past couple of weeks; Rick Scholl, Sean Higgins, Marsha Cordts, John Zeirke, Jessica Zierke, Troy Roenfranz, Heather Sweet, Blaise Carie, Matt Martin, Ben Schneller ,and Roy Riley.  It’s good to see some new faces in the crowd.

It was reported that everyone did a much better job of staying to the right of the road but we still have a little more work to do.

  We feel reading off the order at the parking lot and starting both distances worked out much better.  Hopefully everyone appreciates the time and effort our timers put into making this work every week because they really do work hard.  Thanks again to the timers and thanks to you for supporting the DTTS.