June 13, 2007

June 13, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
June 13, 2007

Name TimeSpeed 
Kyle May0:58:4325.34 
Eric Harris1:00:3424.57 
Eric McRae1:00:4224.51 
Jonathan Young1:00:5924.40 
Sean Marling1:01:3724.15 
David Fathauer1:05:0922.85PR
Bill Burger1:11:1620.88 
Jeff Schroetlin0:26:1728.31 
Duffy Smith 0:30:4324.22 
Chris Sprock0:31:0123.99 
Frank Brummer0:31:4823.40 
Andrew Young0:32:2422.96PR
Phil Shils0:32:4722.69 
Clay Sayers0:33:0622.48PR
Earl May0:33:3022.21 
Beth McClure0:33:5421.95 
Dan Schroeder0:34:1221.75 
Syd McRae0:34:1421.73PR
Mike Doyle0:34:1721.70 
John Flick0:34:2621.61 
Tom Anderson0:34:3021.57 
Chris White0:34:3221.54 
Brian Wright0:34:4321.43 
Richard Berard0:35:4820.78 
Steve Webber0:35:5620.71PR
Bill Weiss0:35:5720.70 
Tim Aydt0:37:3919.76PR
Diane Grubb0:38:3219.31 
Larry Livingston0:38:5019.16 
Sandy Hoskins0:40:2718.39PR

We had a great turnout for last night’s time trial, with 30 riders taking part, and several earning PR’s on a hot and dry night. In the 40k, Kyle May led in all riders with a great 58:43 @ 25.34mph. Sean Marling is back to form with a very nice 1:01:37 @ 24.15mph. David Fathauer knocks over 2 minutes off last week’s 40k debut, riding a 1:05:09 @ 22.85mph. 


In the 20k, Jeff Schroetlin came within 13 seconds of his 2005 Loop Course record, riding a blistering 26:17 @ 28.31mph. Chris Sprock rode to a 31:01 @ 23.99mph. Chris upgraded his racing license last week, and proceeded to win Cat. 4 at the Tour de Winghaven in O’Fallon, MO. Great job Chris. Andrew Young continues to set PR’s in both distances, this week with a 20k time of 32:24 @ 22.96mph. Clay Sayers rode almost a minute faster than last week’s PR, with a 33:06 @ 22.48mph. Beth McClure was the fastest among the lady riders. Her time was 33:54 @ 21.95mph. Syd McRae grabbed a PR as well, with a very nice 34:14 @ 21.73mph. Steve Webber knocked 2 ½ minutes off his debut ride last week, posting a 35:56 @ 20.71mph. Sandy Hoskins trimmed almost 3 minutes off her debut ride from last week, riding to a 40:27 @ 18.39mph. We had several raffle winners last night, but the big winner was Specialized rep Dan Schroeder. Dan won a pricey little pair of Specialized riding glasses…………………..sniff……………………….I smell fish.  

There was a large turnout of DTTS riders at last weekend’s Wolf Creek Sprint Tri, and most went home with some sort of hardware. Duffy Smith finished in 4th place overall, as well as grabbing an age group win. Other AG winners were Kyle May, Beth McClure and Jim Neviackas. I was able to grab the fastest bike split, which gave me a great vantage point to watch all of the fast runners as they passed by. Full results can be found at

Tuesday I headed to Bloomington for the 1st  Annual TNTT Throwdown. This is an all-out 11 mile painfest on a rolling, quick course. The event lived up to its billing, and when the dust settled, the top 5 men were separated by only 14 seconds. Chris Tuma and Stephanie Roberts were the fastest finishers of their respective genders, and both walked away with $50 in cold, hard cash. Chris also set a new course record in the process with a 26:18 @ 25.10mph. Andy Sweet put a lot of work into the Throwdown, and had volunteers at every corner of the course giving directions. I also think every participant got some sort of swag. All in all, a lot of fun. I’ll definitely be back. 


Finally, last week I neglected to mention that we had a large turnout of new riders, so thanks to Steve Webber, Cody Webber, Ed Moss, Amy Scott, Allison Hinch, Tim Aydt, and Sandy Hoskins for coming out. We love seeing new faces at the Homestead! Thanks to our timers Helene, Melinda, and Sharron, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.