June 11, 2008

Jeff Schroetlin0:57:0926.04
Kyle May0:58:1825.52
Andy Sweet0:58:4225.35
Mark Jones1:02:2623.83
Duffy Smith1:02:5323.66
Andrew Young1:06:3922.33
Michael Peer1:11:2320.85
Rick Steward1:14:2120.01
Ed Elliot0:29:5024.94
Eric McRae0:30:2424.47
Chris Sprock0:32:3622.82
Troy Roenfranz0:32:5822.57
Blaise Carie0:33:5321.96
Mike Doyle0:33:5521.94
Phillipe Shills0:34:0121.87
Anna Stadler0:34:0221.86
Ed Moss0:34:0421.84
Denise Ismari0:34:1021.78
Tom Anderson0:34:2421.63
John Flick0:34:2421.63
Chris Monroe0:34:2821.59
Rick Scholl0:34:4521.41
Heather Sweet0:34:4521.41
Syd McRae0:35:0121.25
Earl May0:35:0521.21
Beth McClure0:35:1521.11
Paul Yemm0:36:1120.56
Arthur Gross0:36:5020.20
Ken Tuan0:37:1819.95
Sean Higgins0:37:4519.71
Bill Weiss0:38:2119.40
Robert Bopp0:38:4919.17
John Zierke0:38:5519.12
Brian Wright0:39:1418.96
Richard Berard0:39:3318.81
Diane Grubb0:39:5818.62
Tracy Buschbom0:40:2018.45
Becca Monroe0:41:3717.88
Jenny Garrison0:45:4916.24
Ben Schneller0:48:1915.40
Matt Martin0:48:2715.36

With a windy night, we had are largest crowd yet.  We were happy to race with 41 hardy souls on the 20k and 40k course.  We had 8 people on the 40k course with Jeff Schroetlin leading the pack and taking it easy with a 57:09 @ 26.04mph, that’s right I said taking it easy.  Andy Sweet came down from Bloomington and earned a shirt with a 58:42 @ 25.35mph great job Andy.  Andrew Young set a new PR for the 40k with a 1:06:39 @ 22.33 mph, great job!!  Ed Elliot lead the way on the 20k course with a 29:50 @ 24.94mph.  We wish Ed a lot of luck this weekend as he is going to compete in the Ford Ironman Coeur d’ Alene you can go to this website to track his progress  Anna Stadler was our fastest female for the night with a 34:02 @ 21.86mph.  Great job to all that came out last night.

We need to impress on people the importance of safety at the TT course.  With 41 people, we all need to do our part to stay to the right on the road and allow cars to pass us.  In a perfect world, cyclists would have their own lane and we could all live in harmony.  Unfortunately we do not and we must share the road with motorists.  As Kyle said last night, we do not have any formal permission to race out there so we need to work together so we don’t waste a good thing.  In the past, the police have been called and accidents have happened.  With that said, here are a couple of rules to remember:

  1. When waiting to start, stay OFF the road and wait patiently on the shoulder, we should never have anyone waiting in the middle of the lane or even worse on the center line.  This is where the greatest chance of accidents occur and when the police are called.
  2. When racing, please stay to the right side of the lane close to the road line and never never ride in the on-coming lane at any time. 
  3. Pass only when safe to do so and traffic is clear.  Again, this is not a closed course and two riders side by side can be dangerous with cars on the rode.
  4. Again, in a battle between a car and bicycle, the bicycle always loses.  Please remember these rules.  We do not want to ban repeat offenders and stop the TT or even worse have anyone injured.

A couple of other things, registration starts at 5:15 and closes at 5:50.  The first rider leaves at 6:00 pm and yell your number when going over the finish.  Thank you to our timers and thanks to you for supporting the DTTS.

The Rodney T. Miller Decatur Triathlon registration closes June 28th.  This will be a great event so hurry up and sign-up.  There will be no same-day registration.