June 1, 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - June 1, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Eric Harris 1:00:40 24.53
Dave Loyd 1:04:32 23.06
Mark Jones 1:06:57 22.23
Mike Peer 1:07:20 22.10
Bill Burger 1:07:24 22.08
Rob Mowery 1:07:47 21.95
Chuck VanArsdale 1:10:24 21.14
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:27:39 26.91
Eric McRae 0:29:24 25.31
Duffy Smith 0:30:50 24.13
Dylan Lewis 0:31:27 23.66
Phil Shils 0:33:40 22.10
Lee Eichenauer 0:34:26 21.61
Syd McRae 0:35:12 21.14
Kristin White 0:35:54 20.72
John Flick 0:36:11 20.56
Michael Fearheily 0:37:04 20.07
Stephan Eichenauer 0:37:34 19.80
Michael Koluch 0:37:55 19.62
Earl May 0:38:03 19.55
Bobby Bankston 0:38:45 19.20
John Sendzik 0:39:30 18.84
Dennis Martin 0:39:51 18.67
Ron Heitz 0:40:05 18.56
Michael Stokes 0:41:00 18.15

The southeast wind made us all feel pretty fast until we made the turn for home off Four Bridges Road.  It was the stiff breeze that convinced most of us to tackle the 20K rather than the 40K last night, but 7 two-lappers fought the wind for some strong times.  Eric Harris led the strongmen in with a 60:40@24.53 mph.  They all rode hard under less than ideal conditions.  We had 18 riders for the 20K with Kyle May riding a 27:39@26.91 mph.  A couple of riders had PR's last night which is a testament to their training as we've had much faster conditions recently.  The raffle winners were Dave Loyd and once again, Kristin White.  We had a full timing crew under the direction of new head timer, Chris White, assisted by Amanda Shils, Angela Fearheily and Tom Courson, and they did an excellent job.  In fact, Amanda drove the course beforehand to make sure the road construction had not further deteriorated conditions.  Please thank our timers whenever you see them.  They are active people with other sporting interests and activities, but they take time out of their schedule to support us.  Some exciting news for our female riders:  The sub-hour and sub-thirty clubs now have a separate membership requirement for women.  Under 33 minutes in the 20K and under 66 minutes in the 40K affords you full membership into the club, including the coveted shirt.  You must be anatomically correct to qualify, not just ride with feminine tendencies.