July 9, 2008

Kyle May0:57:5525.69
Eric McRae0:59:1725.10
Mark Jones1:00:1724.68PR
John Oliver1:03:3523.40
Phil Shills1:06:0422.52PR
Bill Burger1:07:2222.09
Kristin White1:09:1921.47PR
Chris Sprock0:30:3224.37
Andrew Young0:31:3123.61PR
Mike Doyle0:32:0323.21
Denise Ismari0:32:0823.15PR
Troy Mayfield0:32:2023.01
John Flick0:32:2222.99PR
Brian Wright0:32:3422.85
Monte Johnson0:32:3722.81PR
Rick Scholl0:32:4122.76PR
Paul Yemm0:33:0522.49PR
Sydney McRae0:33:0622.48PR
Kevin Ryan0:33:1022.43PR
Steve Weber0:33:3022.21
Chris Monroe0:33:3522.15PR
Anna Stadler0:33:5321.96
Arthur Gross0:34:4321.43PR
Sean Higgins0:35:0021.26PR
Andre Granzotti0:35:1021.16
Chris Oakley0:35:2521.01PR
Ken Tuan0:35:5420.72
Tina Ames0:35:5720.70
Evan Blankenship0:36:1320.54PR
Richard Berard0:36:2120.47
Anina Blankenship0:36:2920.39PR
Bruce Oblinger0:36:4320.26
David Peabody0:37:1819.95
Bill Weiss0:37:2119.92
Becca Monroe0:38:4919.17PR
Diane Grubb0:39:0419.04
Tracy Buschbom0:39:1019.00PR
Marsha Cordts0:40:1818.46
Karla Miller0:42:1017.64
Erin Jurgens0:42:5517.34
Jenny Garrison0:44:3916.66

Wednesday night was our Zipp demo night and we also had little to no wind.  It was the perfect night for high speeds and low times.  We first would like to comment on how nice the night was how cooperative everyone was.  At one time I looked back and everyone was waiting patiently in line which was very helpful.  The reps from Zipp were very impressed that we went through almost all of the wheels.  In all, we had 21 pairs of demo wheels and 13 PR’s from those wheels.  Good job to everyone. We had 41 official riders which is another tie for the attendance record.  In the 40k race, we had 7 men and women take to the course.  Kyle May rode a near PR and was our fastest with a 57:55 @ 25.69 mph.  Kristin White was our fastest female with a PR and rode a 1:09:19 @ 21.47 mph.  Other 40k PR’s are  Mark Jones 1:00:17 @ 24.68 mph, Phill Shils 1:06:04 @ 22.52 mph.  In the 20k race we had 34 riders with Chris Sprock claiming the fastest spot with a 30:32 @ 24.37mph.  Our fastest female for 20k was Denise Ismari who rode a PR with a 32:08 @ 23.15 mph.  Denise was 4 seconds from breaking the ladies course record held by Kim Gennenbacher.  Great job Denise!!!  The PR’s for this night were Andrew Young 31:31 @ 23.61 mph, John Flick 32:22 @ 22.99 mph, Monte Johnson 32:37 @ 22.81 mph, Rick Scholl 32:41 @ 22.76 mph, Paul Yemm 33:05 @ 22.49 mph, Sydney McRae 33:06 @ 22.48, Kevin Ryan 33:10 @ 22.43 mph, Chris Monroe 33:35 @ 22.15 mph, Arthur Gross 34:43 @ 21.43 mph, Sean Higgins 35:00 @ 21.26 mph, Chris Oakley 35:25 @ 21.01 mph, Evan Blankenship 36:13 @ 20.54 mph, Anina Blankenship 36:29 @ 20.39 mph, Becca Monroe 38:49 @ 19.17 mph, and Tracy Buschbom 39:10 @ 19:00.  We had some new riders last night as well with John Oliver 1:03:35 @ 23.40 mph (40k), Tina Ames 35:57 @ 20.70, David Peabody 37:18 @ 19.95 mph, Karla Miller 42:10 @ 17.64 mph, Erin Jurgens 42:55 @ 17.34 mph and Michael Baughman (DNF).