July 29, 2004

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - July 29, 2004
14 Mile
Rider Time Avg Spd Calculated 20k
Jebe, Roger 0:36:27 23.05 0:32:17
Anderson, Tom 0:37:15 22.55 0:33:00
Eichenauer, Stephan 0:37:17 22.53 0:33:01
Sweet, Chris 0:37:25 22.45 0:33:08
Burger, Bill 0:38:21 21.90 0:33:58
Hook, Layne 0:38:31 21.81 0:34:07
McClure, Beth 0:38:36 21.76 0:34:11
Pitts, CJ 0:39:22 21.34 0:34:52
Fearheily, Michael 0:39:35 21.22 0:35:04
Stadler, Anna 0:40:27 20.77 0:35:50
McRae, Syd 0:41:04 20.45 0:36:22
Koluch, Michael 0:41:08 20.42 0:36:26
Cassidy, Nicole 0:41:37 20.18 0:36:52
Fritz, Becky 0:41:59 20.01 0:37:11
Jensen, Norm 0:46:36 18.03 0:41:16
Holcomb, Angela 0:53:00 15.85 0:46:57
28 Mile
Rider 14 mi Time 14 mi Avg Spd 28 mi Time 28 mi Avg Spd Calculated 40k
Schroetlin, Jeff 0:29:29 28.49 0:59:38 28.17 0:52:49
VanArsdale, Chuck 0:36:24 23.08 1:14:47 22.46 1:06:14

Due to a perplexing choice of site and materials, road work forced us to alter the course last Thursday.  Long Point Road was re-surfaced last week with incredibly large rock and won't be rideable for a while.  Therefore, we continued north across the interstate and turned right on Old Route 36, then right again on Lincoln Memorial and back to the park, providing that classic time trial distance of 14 miles.  This course is actually faster than our usual one with less corners and better surface.  Route 36 has the opportunity for more traffic, though.  I put up a sign on 36 warning cars, and no one had any problems.  We had a couple of first timers as 18 riders tried out the new course.  The fast women of Champaign joined us again with Trudy and CJ bringing along Angela Holcomb.  Angela was a victim of circumstance as she rode with the 28 milers and understandably got confused when she came upon turn arrows no longer valid.  She invented her own new route and we hope she comes back to give it another try.  We were also honored to be joined by local bike racing legend Roger Jebe.  Roger was probably the first category 2 racer in the area, racing in the 70's.  He showed that the years haven't dulled his speed as he turned in the fastest 14-mile time.  Five riders started in the 2-lap, 28 mile event, but only 2 finished.  Angela went off course.  Burger had a problem with his aero bars and only rode one lap.  (Oh yeah, the problem is he doesn't have any.)  Chris Sweet made the wise decision that an all-out effort of 14 miles was a better recovery ride than an all-out effort of 28 miles as he's coming off of an excellent showing at a half ironman in Wisconsin last Sunday where he placed 7th in his age group (out of 80+) and top 50 overall (out of 1,100+).  Schroetlin blazed the two laps in 59:39 at 28.17mph.  You'll see in the results that Layne added a 20K and 40K equivalent for everyone's time.  Jeff's 40K equivalent was a 52:49.  The exciting news of the evening was that the mountain bike is gone.  Michael Fearheily was the winner.  I was going to hold out for 30 riders, but I didn't want to haul it around anymore.  Beth McClure was our consolation drawing winner.  Thanks to everyone for their understanding with the course change and for supporting the series.  A big thanks to all that have offered to help, especially last week so that I could get the chance to ride also.  Please note; this coming Thursday's TT will be a 20K only.  We'll start at the 4-way stop on Mt. Auburn blacktop (previously turn 1) and ride last week's course to the finish.  There will not be a longer option.  Some facts:

  • 18 riders
  • 6 women
  • fastest 14-mile time - 36:27@23.05mph/20K equivalent of 32:17
  • fastest 28-mile time - 59:39@28.17mph/40K equivalent of 52:49