July 25, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
July 25, 2007

Chris Sprock0:29:0425.60PR
Eric Harris0:29:0625.57 
Kyle May0:29:2725.26 
Sean Marling0:29:4824.97 
Jonathan Young0:29:5224.91 
Mark Jones0:30:0924.68 
Eric McRae0:30:3024.39 
Mike Peer0:31:0623.92PR
Tom Courson0:32:0123.24 
Roy Tsuda0:32:3022.89 
Phil Shils0:32:5022.66 
Tom Anderson 0:32:5222.64 
Steve Webber0:32:5922.56PR
Beth McClure0:33:4422.06 
Bill Burger0:33:5521.94 
Bill Weiss0:35:0921.17PR
Ed Raycraft0:35:5020.76PR
Richard Berard0:36:1720.51 
Cody Webber0:36:2520.43 
Sandy Hoskins0:37:4019.75 
Larry Livingston0:39:3318.81 
Mike Doyle0:39:5418.65 

We had a fun night time trialing, as we had to improvise a new course route . Pit Road had been rocked this week, and it was just a little too dicey to be safely ridden. We started on Mt. Auburn blacktop, up Four Bridges Road to old Rt. 36, then over to “Homestead Road” and back to the finish. We only mapped out a 20k route, so all riders did a single lap. Chris Sprock continues his PR ways with the night’s fast time. He has switched over to a borrowed TT machine and rode to a great 29:04 @ 25.60mph. Sean Marling said that he came out to grab a Sub-30 shirt, and that’s just what he done did.  His time was 29:48 @ 24.97mph. In all, we had 5 riders under 30 minutes for last night’s session. Mike Peer was coming off a great performance at the Racine ½ Iron, where he finished with a time of 5 hours 11 minutes. He set a PR last night with a time of 31:06 @ 23.92mph. I’m getting déjà vu on this. I seem to rememberrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………..(fade to dream sequence) In the 20k Mike Peer, coming off a fine 5 hr 17 min performance in the Racine 1/2 Ironman, led in all riders with a time of 31:40 @ 23.49mph. This was a PR for Mike, and I have devised a training program for him. A 1/2 Ironman every weekend, followed by a Wednesday night TT. Mike, I'll send the bill out this morning.” …………..Freaky. Tom Courson rode a nice TT with a time of 31:04 @ 23.24mph. Steve Webber obliterates last week’s PR by 1:30, riding to a 32:59 @ 22.56mph. Great job Steve. Beth McClure was the fastest of our lady riders. Her time was 33:44 @ 22.06mph. Bill Weiss set another PR while cracking the 21mph mark. His time was 35:09 @ 21.17mph. Ed Raycraft also set another PR with a ride of 35:50 @ 20.76mph. Mike Doyle went down hard turning onto Four Bridges Road, and had some nasty road rash on his face and various other body parts. He was nonetheless in good spirits considering, which was pretty cool.


Last night was Caterpillar raffle night, as Sandy Hoskins brought some swag from the heavy equipment maker. Kyle wrote down the raffle winners, but I accidently threw away the paper. Anyway, a lot of cool people got a lot of cool stuff. Next week we will give away the first of two free entries into the 2008 Sullivan Civic Center Triathlon, donated by Monte Johnson. These are much coveted by the DTTS horde, so make sure to come out and get your ticket to tri.


Thanks to our timers, Helene and Sharron, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series. Results attached.