July 23, 2008

Sean Marling0:59:5524.83PR
Eric McRae1:01:0524.36
Mark Jones1:02:2023.87
Duffy Smith1:04:2123.12
Syd McRae1:11:0020.96
Rick Steward1:12:4120.47PR
Chris Sprock0:31:0523.94
Andrew Young0:32:0223.23
Denise Ismari0:32:2722.93
Chris Flegal0:32:4622.71
Brian Wright0:33:0722.47
Mike Doyle0:33:0822.45
Kevin Ryan0:34:4821.38
Anna Stadler0:35:0321.23
Tim Aydt0:35:3620.90PR
Sean Higgins0:35:5220.74
Chris Oakley0:36:4420.25
Eric Lebo0:37:1719.96
Scott Broyles0:38:2019.41
Christian Curtis0:38:2619.36
Mike Baughman0:38:3019.32
John Zierke0:39:4418.72
Penny Bankston0:40:2018.45PR
Kyle Corman0:40:2318.42
Marsha Cordts0:41:2717.95
Matt Leininger0:42:5417.34
Jenny Garrison0:43:1617.20
Alan Curtis0:44:3216.71
Wagner Lozano0:45:3216.34

We had 29 riders last night for a low wind and moderate temperature night.  There were 6 riders hitting the 40k course with Sean Marling leading the way with a 59:55 @ 24.83 mph.  This was also a PR for him as he bested his previous time by 1 second.  Rick Steward also gained a PR with a 1:12:41 @ 20.47 mph.  Syd McRae was our lone female 40k rider with a 1:11:00 @ 20.96 mph.  On the 20k course we had 23 riders with Chris Sprock riding a respectable 31:05 @ 23.94 mph.  Our Fastest Female of the night was Denise Ismari with a 32:27 @ 22.93 mph.  We had two new PR’s for the 20k course with Tim Aydt riding a 35:36 @ 20.90 mph and Penny Bankston riding a 40:20 @ 18.45 mph.  Great job riders.  We had three new faces last night with Chris Flegal riding a 32:46 @ 22.71, Alan Curtis 44:32 @ 16.71 mph, and Kyle Corman 40:23 @ 18.42 mph.

We had some guest timers last night that I would like to thank.  Mercedes Hemmer, Heather Atkins, Diane Grubb, and John Pranske did a great job for never having done it before and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation.  Thanks so mush for supporting the DTTS.