July 20, 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - July 20, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Eric Harris 1:01:00 24.39
Chuck VanArsdale 1:07:27 22.06
Phil Shils 1:10:17 21.17
Bill Burger 1:10:27 21.12
Ed Harris 1:12:36 20.50
Rider Time Avg Spd
Kyle May 0:29:40 25.08
Eric McRae 0:31:05 23.94
Mark Jones 0:33:42 22.08
Duffy Smith 0:34:18 21.69
Beth McClure 0:34:45 21.41
John Flick 0:35:22 21.04
Ron Heitz 0:36:01 20.66
Earl May 0:36:21 20.47
Michael Fearheily 0:36:36 20.33
Kristin White 0:37:36 19.79
Chaz Gross 0:38:34 19.29
Michael Koluch 0:38:41 19.23
Jay Mayberry 0:39:00 19.08
Arthur Gross 0:39:32 18.82
Bobby Bankston 0:39:41 18.75
Becky Fritz 0:39:46 18.71
Rick McKibben 0:40:35 18.33
Diane Grubb 0:41:47 17.81
Pat Tharp 0:42:26 17.53
Patrick Tharp 0:48:02 15.49

Brutal.  No other words to describe the conditions Wednesday night.  26 pain junkies showed up for a refreshing spin in the breezy country air.  The times were slower than normal although we did have a PR by Ron Heitz.  Freak.  The 40K riders were the men among men with six opting for the second lap.  Eric Harris led them home in 61 minutes @ 24.4mph.  They didn't look so good afterwards.  And speaking of not looking so good, Duffy Smith didn't like the looks of the extra gravel on the curve on Long Point Road so he stopped during his ride to sweep it.  With his body.  Due to the heat, Duffy was sans shirt.  Now he's partially sans skin.  But, much to his credit he jumped on and finished in 34:18, although head timer Chris White assessed a 2-minute penalty for bleeding on the course.  Kyle May turned in the fastest 20K in 29:40@25.1mph.  We had three new riders and they rode very nice times for such a tough debut night.  We hope to see Chaz Gross, Jay Mayberry and Rick McKibben on a weekly basis.  Ron Heitz was our raffle winner, and assistant timer was Angela Fearheily.  Thanks for enduring the heat and supporting the TT series.

Eric McRae