July 2, 2008

Sean Marling1:00:3624.55
Mark Jones1:00:5724.41PR
Jeff Schroetlin0:25:4228.95PR / Course Record
Rob Brokaw0:28:1226.38
Kyle May0:28:1426.35
Andy Sweet0:29:0525.58
Frank Brummer0:29:1925.38
Duffy Smith0:29:2325.32
Eric McRae0:29:3025.22
Geno Warlow0:29:4724.98
Brad Reed0:31:1123.86
Chris Sprock0:31:1823.77
Blaise Carie0:32:0923.14PR 
Greg Powell0:32:2322.97
Mike Doyle0:32:3222.87
Andrew Young0:32:3922.79
Phil Shils0:33:0622.48
Gehl Higgs0:33:1122.42
Troy Mayfield0:33:1422.39
Mike Hanna0:33:1822.34
John Flick0:33:2022.32
Kristen White0:33:4922.00
Tom Anderson0:34:0021.88
Anna Stadler0:34:0321.85
Chris Monroe0:34:2121.66
Greg Perry0:34:3721.49
Rick Scholl0:34:5521.31
Beth McClure0:35:1221.14
Earl May0:35:1321.13
Kevin Ryan0:36:0820.59
Arthur Gross0:36:3520.34
Sean Higgins0:36:4020.29
Alan Porter0:37:0220.09
Erin Jones0:37:2319.90
Rick Steward0:37:3219.82
Chris Oakley0:37:3519.80
Richard Berard0:38:2219.39
Anina Blankenship0:38:2819.34
Tim Aydt0:39:0619.03
Evan Blankenship0:39:3418.80
Jenny Garrison0:45:5216.22
Scott Broyles0:47:0515.80
Tania Brobst0:50:1814.79

We had another record breaking night for our attendance and the times.  First, we had 43 riders last night which surpasses our previous record by two riders.  We also had 9 new riders join us.  In the 40K competition, we had two riders hit the finish line with Sean Marling posting the fastest time with a 1:00:36 @ 24.55 MPH.  Mark Jones set a new PR with a 1:00:57 @ 24.41 MPH.  Great job guys.  I am happy to announce that we have a new course record, Jeff Schroetlin rode to a 0:25:42 at a blazing fast speed of 28.95 MPH.  Congratulations to Jeff.  We also had 8 people ride under 30 minutes for the 20K course.  We had another PR achieved last night by Blaise Carie with a 0:32:09 @ 23.14.  Dr. Kristen White was our fastest ladie for the night a 0:33:49 @ 22 MPH.  Anna Stadler was a close second with a 0:34:03 @ 21.85 MPH.  Our new riders last night were Brad Reid, Anina Blankenship, Evan Blankenship, Erin Jones, Tania Brobst, Troy Mayfield, Alan Porter, Greg Powell, and Gehl Higgs.  Thanks to all that came out.