July 19, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - July 19, 2006
Name Time MPH
Sean Marling 0:30:33 24.35
Eric McRae 0:31:37 23.53
Eric Harris 0:31:38 23.52
Dalton Koprek 0:32:27 22.93
Bill Burger 0:34:22 21.65
Travis Chance 0:35:14 21.12
Andrew Young 0:36:52 20.18
Anna Stadler 0:37:30 19.84
"Wednesday night"    "Thunderstorm"     These two terms have become synonymous this year. We had to wait until 6:30pm to get this session in, but had cool air, a light sprinkle, and just enough lightning for ambience. Conditions were actually fast until we reached Pit Road, where we faced a headwind that would have even impressed Loren Boatman. We were self timing, so all results are, of course, unofficial. Sean Marling led all riders with a very nice 30:33 @ 24.35mph. Eric McRae and I battled to within 1 second with Mr. McRae taking 2nd with a 31:37 @ 23.53mph. I was riding my road bike as a tribute to fallen Floyd in France. Floyd had a bad day in the Tour yesterday and lost all hope of victory. Or has he? Better watch OLN tonight. Anna Stadler dominated a limited field of female riders with a time of 37:30 @ 19.84mph.
In a side note, Jeff Schroetlin is your new 2006 Illinois State Time Trial champion. He is now a two time winner of the State TT championships, and we're proud to have him as a rider in our little series. Thanks for supporting the TT series.