July 18, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
July 18, 2007

Eric Harris1:00:5624.42 
Mark Jones1:02:0423.97 
Tom Anderson1:10:1221.20 
Kyle MayDNF  
Jeff Schroetlin0:27:1127.37 
Chris Sprock0:29:4025.08 
Jonathan Young0:29:4824.97 
Troy Walters0:31:1523.81 
John Flick0:33:2222.30 
Tom Courson0:33:2322.29 
Brian Wright0:33:5321.96 
Jim Neviakas0:34:0621.82 
Mike Doyle0:34:0921.79 
Earl May0:34:1021.78 
Steve Webber0:34:2821.59PR
Scott Broyles0:35:0021.26PR
Bill Weiss0:36:2420.44 
Ed Raycarft0:36:2420.44 
Richard Berard0:36:5720.14 
Sandy Hoskins0:37:2419.89PR
Kenneth Tuan0:38:0119.57 
Diane Grubb0:38:0719.52 
Larry Livingston0:39:5918.61 
Syd Mcrae0:43:4916.98 
Eric McRae0:44:0318.89 

Hot and humid for last night's TT, but a few PR's were wrung out of the muggy air. Four riders took the two lap option. No PR's, but a great ride from Mark Jones in the heat with a 1:02:04 @ 23.97mph.

In the 20k, Jeff Schroetlin rode to fast time with a 27:11 @ 27.37mph. Jonathan Young added to his t-shirt collection, joining the Sub-30 Club with a 29:48 @ 24.97mph. Troy Walters made a nice debut ride of 31:15 @ 23.81mph. Steve Webber grabbed a PR with a time of 34:28 @ 21.59mph, as did Scott Broyles with a 35:00 @ 21.26mph. Sandy Hoskins edged oh-so-close to the 20 mph range with a PR ride of 37:24 @ 19.89mph. Kenneth Tuan made his debut ride in the TT series with a 38:01 @ 19.57mph.

Kyle brought out the new DTTS Sub Club shirts to give to all deserving riders. He also had several made with just the Decatur TT Series on the front. Ed Raycraft got the first of these in the raffle, and I believe a few will be available for purchase at Spin City. Other raffle winners were Eric McRae, Earl May, and Tom Anderson.


Thanks to our timers, Helene, Sharron and Melinda, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series. Results attached.