July 16, 2008

Rob Brokaw0:27:4226.86PR
Sean Marling0:28:4325.91PR
Kyle May0:29:1325.46
Duffy Smith0:29:4724.98
Eric McRae0:29:5824.83
Chris Sprock0:30:3324.35
John Oliver0:31:0823.90Debut
Andrew Young0:31:1123.86PR
Geno Warlow0:31:1723.78
Mike Doyle0:32:1223.11
Denise Ismari0:32:1623.06
Sydney McRae0:32:3622.82PR
Phil Shils0:32:4022.78
John Flick0:32:4422.73
Ed Moss0:33:1022.43
Kristin White0:33:1622.36PR
Paul Yemm0:33:2222.30
Chris Monroe0:33:2922.22PR
Jim Neviackas0:33:4422.06
Rick Scholl0:34:2321.64
Steve Weber0:34:2721.60
Sean Higgins0:35:0521.21
Beth McClure0:35:1121.15
Kevin Ryan0:35:2121.05
Rick Steward0:35:2221.04
Arthur Gross0:35:2321.03
Earl May0:36:1620.51
Tim Aydt0:36:5320.17
John Pranschke0:37:0920.03PR
Dennis Martin0:37:1220.00
Tracy Buschbom0:37:2919.85PR
Robert Bopp0:38:0719.52
Diane Grubb0:38:4319.22
Cody Weber0:39:1918.92
Chris Oakley0:39:3618.79
Marsha Cordts0:39:5618.63PR
Becca Monroe0:40:2818.39
Penny Bankston0:40:4018.30Debut
Jenny Garrison0:42:0717.67PR
Erin Jurgens0:43:2917.11
Wagner Lozano0:45:2616.38Debut
Brian WrightDNFDNF

The weather was a balmy 90 degrees and little to no wind from the southwest.  This made for a perfect night for PR’s.  In all, we had 9 PR’s and great rides from all.  Earning a PR was Rob Brokaw 27:42 @ 26.86 mph, Sean Marling 28:43 @ 25.91 mph, Andrew Young 31:11 @ 23.86mph, Sydney McRae 32:36 @ 22.82 mph , Kristin White 33:16 @ 22.36 mph, Chris Monroe 33.29 @ 22.22 mph, John Pranske 37:09 @ 20.03 mph, Tracy Bushbom 37:29 @ 19.85 mph, Marsha Cordts 39:56 @ 18.63 mph, Jenny Garrison 42:07 @ 17.67 mph.  A very special congratulations to Sydney McRae who earned a 20 under 33 shirt for her very fast time.  Syd shaved off 30 seconds from her previous time.  Good job.  In the 20k course Rob Brokaw was our fastest rider with Denise Ismari being our fastest female of the night.  Denise is on track to beat the record this year.  Keep up the good work.  There were a lot of fast times had be all last night and a lot of people were close to beating their personal bests.