July 13, 2005

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - July 13, 2005
Rider Time Avg Spd
Jeff Schroetlin 0:54:48 27.15
Eric Harris 0:58:24 25.48
Dave Loyd 1:04:18 23.14
Chuck VanArsdale 1:04:49 22.96
Bill Burger 1:06:42 22.31
Ed Harris 1:08:39 21.68
Phil Shils 1:09:35 21.38
Syd McRae 1:12:38 20.49
Rider Time Avg Spd
Eric McRae 0:29:24 25.31
Duffy Smith 0:29:56 24.86
Roy Tsuda 0:32:59 22.56
Beth McClure 0:33:15 22.38
Tom Anderson 0:33:18 22.34
Chris Sweet 0:34:25 21.62
Jim Neviackas 0:34:26 21.61
Earl May 0:34:37 21.49
Ron Heitz 0:37:27 19.87
Pat Tharp 0:38:42 19.22
Mike Stokes 0:39:11 18.99
Arthur Gross 0:41:47 17.81
Patrick Tharp 0:45:00 16.53

The rain passed to the east and 23 riders enjoyed pretty reasonable conditions with a light SSE breeze, but high humidity.  Again we had several PR's in both distances.  In the 20K we had a near-miss in the sub-33 club as Beth McClure, riding her road bike, was 15 seconds shy.  Beth's shirt is waiting for her next time out on her TT machine.  Also in the 20K, Ron Heitz is happy to report that the bean field on the second corner is free from asian soybean rust, or at least the 10 rows he toured while taking the corner a bit wide.  We had a couple of big rides in the 40K with Schroetlin riding a 54:48@27.15mph, including a Robbie McEwen-style head-butting with a mini van going into turn 3, and Eric Harris with a PR in 58:24@25.48mph.  If my calculations are correct, 20K PR's were Tsuda, McClure, Anderson, Neviackas, 40K PR's were Eric Harris, Loyd, Van Arsdale, Ed Harris.  There was a plethora of raffle winners as the P-Dawg & Mrs. Shils provided a bag full of Aranesp logo gifts.  Unfortunately, no samples, though.  Or were there?  Hmmmm.  Our head timer, Chris White, was back from the eye of hurricane Dennis, and was assisted by the lovely and talented duo of Amanda Shils and Sara Smith.  Thanks for supporting the TT series.

Eric McRae