July 12, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - July 12, 2006
Name Time  MPH
Kyle May 0:59:08 25.16
Eric McRae 1:00:40 24.53
Bill Burger 1:06:50 22.26
Kristin White 1:12:54 20.41
Syd McRae 1:13:54 20.14
Jeff Schroetlin no time  
Eric Harris 0:29:14 25.45
Chris White 0:32:50 22.66
Tom Courson 0:33:21 22.31
Anna Stadler 0:34:21 21.66
David Fathauer 0:35:03 21.23

We had nice post-storm conditions last night for the time trial, dry and cool, and we had 11 riders record self timed runs, as the earlier inclement kept our timers away. All runs were unofficial.

In the 40k, Jeff Schroetlin "blowed up" his computer, and lost his time data. This made Kyle May the fastest official "unofficial" 40k rider with a time of 59:08 @ 25.16mph. Kristin White was fastest female with a 1:12:54 @ 20.41mph.
In the 20k, I posted a 29:14 @ 25.45mph for the top spot. Chris White must have received the package from Ullrich and Basso's doctor, as he smashed his previous best time by well over a minute with a fine 32:50 @ 22.66mph. The one and only Anna Stadler was the one and only female in the 20k, and she rode to a 34:21 @ 21.66mph. David Fathauer also set a new PR with a 35:03 @ 21.23mph.
It was probably fortunate that we had a small field last night, as the frenzy from the crowd while handing out the Agri-Fab can koozies was a little unsettling. However, we will have Event Security on site next Wednesday, and will extend Koozie Night one more week. Thanks for supporting the TT series.