July 11, 2007

Chuck Van Arsdale Time Trial-
July 11, 2007


Eric Harris0:59:1325.13 
Jonathan Young0:59:4024.94PR
Sean Marling1:00:3724.55 
Mark Jones1:01:5324.05 
Mike Peer1:04:5322.93 
Andrew Young1:08:0821.84 
Bill Burger1:11:1520.88 
Kyle May0:29:1825.39 
Chris Sprock0:29:4025.08PR
Eric McRae0:29:4624.99 
Josh Kercheval0:29:5124.92 
Tom Anderson0:32:5022.66 
Jim Neviackas0:32:5222.64 
Phil Shils0:33:0222.52 
Earl May0:33:1822.34 
John Flick0:33:2022.32 
Ed Moss0:33:2722.24PR
Syd McRae0:34:1621.71 
Mike Doyle0:34:2521.62 
Steve Webber0:34:4021.46PR
Andre Granzotti0:34:4521.41 
Brian Wright0:34:4521.41 
Ed Raycarft0:36:1820.50PR
Bill Weiss0:36:4220.27 
Diane Grubb0:38:1119.49 
Sandy Hoskins0:38:2319.38PR
Tim Aydt0:39:4118.75 
Larry Livingston0:40:4018.30 

Well last night was time to get back to some good ol’ time trialing, and 28 riders were ready to roll. In the 40k Jonathan Young joined the ranks of the hallowed Sub-60 Club with a ride of 59:40 @ 24.94mph. Sean Marling rode a very nice 1:00:37 @ 24.55mph. After Ironman Wisconsin last year, Sean started having some health issues, and was eventually diagnosed with diabetes. Almost a year later, he has made the necessary changes to his diet, training, etc, and is back to riding very strong on less workload than he had done last year. Very impressive. Mark Jones had a go with the two lappers, after achieving Sub-30 status in the 20k. His time last night was 1:01:53 @ 24.05mph.


Kyle May was the fastest 20k rider last night with a time of 29:18 @ 25.39mph. Kyle finished 9th overall in last week’s Rodney Miller Triathlon, and was among many local athletes who did very well in the race. Occasional DTTS riders Ed Elliott and Josh Kercheval finished 1-2 overall in the Men’s division. It was great to see so many familiar faces at the event, and the top finishers were well trained, well prepared, and most of all, punctual! Full results can be found at Back to 20k action, Chris Sprock joins the uber-exclusive Sub-30 On A Road Bike Club, hammering to a fantastic 29:40 @ 25.08mph. That’s putting out some serious wattage. Josh Kercheval joins the Sub-30 Club as well with a 29:51 @ 24.92mph. Ed Moss set a PR last night with a time of 33:27 @ 22.24mph. Syd McRae was the fastest female of the evening, her time was 34:16 @ 21.71mph. Steve Webber also scored a personal best ride with a 34:40 @ 21.46mph. Ed Raycraft continues to improve his times, and set another PR with a 36:18 @ 20.50mph. Sandy Hoskins topped the 19mph mark with a PR time of 38:23 @ 19.38mph.

For a midseason shot of the 2007 Sub Club inductees:


Sub-60 Club
Jeff Schroetlin
Kyle May
Eric Harris
Jonathan Young

Sub-30 Club
Jeff Schroetlin
Kyle May
Andy Sweet
Eric McRae
Chris Sprock
Mark Jones
Frank Brummer
Josh Kercheval

Thanks to our timers, Helene and Melinda, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series. Results attached