August 9, 2006

Lincoln Homestead Time Trial - August 9, 2006
Eric Harris0:59:2125.07
Eric McRae1:00:2424.64
Mike Peer1:02:4623.71
Phil Shils1:08:0121.88
Beth McClure1:08:4721.63
John Johnson1:09:5121.30
Jessica Aveyard1:10:2721.12
Justin Eichenhauer1:11:3020.81
Clay Sayers1:11:4520.74
Stephan Eichenhauer1:13:5920.11
Dalton Koprek0:30:3724.30
Travis Chance0:31:0823.90
Mark Jones0:32:2622.94
Ben Akins0:33:0422.50
John Flick0:33:1922.33
Earl May0:33:5421.95
Kristin White0:34:0121.87
Chris White0:34:4921.37
David Fathauer0:34:5621.30
Brian Wright0:35:2920.97
Tom Anderson 0:35:3120.95
Syd McRae0:36:5420.16
Bill Weiss0:37:5919.59
Larry Livingston0:39:0319.05
Becky Fritz0:39:0819.01
Pat Tharp0:40:2318.42

We had 26 riders again this week for the Lincoln Homestead time trial. A season high ten riders took the 40k option. Quick time was a 59:21 @ 25.07mph. Eric McRae, coming off a great 1/2 Ironman performance where he went 4:50:31, posted a time of 1:00:24 @ 24.64 mph. Beth McClure set fast time for the ladies with a 1:08:47 @ 21.63mph. John Johnson made his 2006 debut, and decided to go for 2 laps, riding to a 1:09:51 @ 21.30mph. John was one of the riders at the very first TT a couple years back, and it was good to have him out. Justin and Stephan Eichenhauer decided to have a go at the 40k this week, with Justin the quicker of the two with a 1:11:30 @ 20.81mph.

In 20k action, Dalton Koprek set a personal record with a time of 30:37 @ 24.30mph to take the top spot. You can bet he'll be getting a "20 under 30" shirt before the years out. Travis Chance continues his PR setting ways with a nice 31:08 @ 23.90mph. Travis may also go sub 30 when we move to the out-and-back course in a few weeks. Kristin White, who also competed in the Steelhead 1/2 Iron, set fastest female 20k time with a 34:01 @ 21.87mph. Bill Weiss made his TT debut last night, and posted a nice 37:59 @ 19.59mph.
We have only three more weeks of the 40k option. Starting Septmember 6th, we'll move to 20k only on the lightning fast out-and-back-course. PR's should fall like rain this year. Thanks to P-Dawg and Spin City for the raffle prizes, thanks to our timers Perry and Melinda, and thanks to YOU for supporting the TT series.